Premium Security and Perimeter Protection 

We’re a security and perimeter protection company that consults, designs, fabricates and installs high-quality solutions for clients New Zealand-wide. Projects cover commercial, industrial and government-funded infrastructure, with clients ranging from the Department of Corrections, schools and shopping centres to corporate headquarters and public recreational spaces.

You’ll find we’ve been providing premium security and perimeter protection solutions for more than 45 years. In fact, whether it’s a prison, corporate HQ, brewery, animal enclosure or building site you’ll probably find our name proudly on it.

We’re Problem-Solvers

Construction, by its very nature, is fraught with problems and slippage in progress. At the end of the day, as a client, you just want the job done. When a situation occurs and the pressure mounts with the clock ticking, we take a strategic approach to work out how to get it done for you. The Hampden team is solutions-focused and while others may just put a problem in the too-hard basket, we’re flexible and can focus our resources allowing us to adapt better than anyone else.

Hampden are problem-solvers who you can rely on to get the job done!


Latest Security Technology

Like any business, if you want to stay on top of your game you need to stay up with the latest technology. Hampden understands the importance of constant improvement and staying up with the latest developments in perimeter protection, automation and access control. While trade publications are essential reading, Europe and the US are where the big trade shows are, and many new technology developments take place there.

We understand that if we want to remain competitive it’s essential we travel to the shows to discover and experience the latest technology first-hand and talk with the companies behind the tech.

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We Build Solid Partnerships

A solid partnership begins with the ability to listen and consult with you to get the best possible understanding of your requirements. You’ll find we enjoy a reputation for being responsible and accountable, taking ownership of each project from beginning to end – something we take very seriously.

Today, many head contractors have less management on site. With our own on-site management team, we’re always happy to partner on a project, working in conjunction with the head contractor to see a project through to successful completion.

We also partner with suppliers for product that complements our security solutions, Vision Systems being an obvious example.

Put simply, if you choose Hampden as a consulting partner in business, we’ll deliver on our promise.

Our People

Hampden has one of the most experienced teams in New Zealand’s security and perimeter protection industries. Many of our staff have been with the company for a considerable time, and we make effort to keep good people because we know it means we bring a wealth of knowledge and a diverse skill-set to every project.

You’ll find the culture at Hampden is one of teamwork, where everyone shares the common goal of just getting your job done. This means when necessary, everyone puts their shoulders to the wheel and helps each other out to ensure the success of your project.

From our in-house design and fabrication to our frontline installation crews, we all work together to make sure things run smoothly, and to make sure the team can respond quickly when situations arise.

To talk with a security and perimeter protection expert about your needs, just contact us.

Our Values

Customer, People, Quality, Reputation

Hampden Fence has a clear goal: To be New Zealand's leading provider of security fencing and gate solutions. In order to achieve this goal, we have a set of defined values that our team lives every day:

CUSTOMER: Without customers we have nothing, so we work hard to build rich relationships
PEOPLE:  Our people are what sets us apart, so we only hire the best people in the industry
QUALITY: In security fencing quality is everything so we are uncompromising on quality control
REPUTATION: We work very hard to be a business partner of choice - our reputation is everything!

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