Bollards & Barrier Systems

Automatic Bollards

Automatic bollards are becoming an increasingly popular access control solution for a wide range of specialist residential, commercial and industrial applications. Hampden Fence is proud to exclusively offer the FAAC brand, who’s J Series bollards are manufactured in Italy to exacting EU standards using only the highest quality componentry to ensure exceptional performance and reliability.

Three unique types of bollards are available, depending on the specific requirements of each project. These are offered in either high quality stainless steel r powder coated finish, and a range of heights and diameters.

Widely recognised as among the very best bollards in the business, all of our FAAV products have extensive New Zealand based after-sales support, technical back-up and comprehensive warranty cover.ters to suit residential, commercial, industrial or high security perimeter defence applications.

BollardPower SupplyVersionBollard Height (mm)Diameter (mm)Speed
FAAC™230v Rise time (secs)Decent time (secs)
J200HA retractable bollard (powder coated)Residential60020077
J200HA retractable bollard (stainless steel)Residential60020077
J275HA 600 retractable bollard (powder coated)Commercial and Industrial60027551-2.8
J275HA 600 retractable bollard (stainless steel)Commercial and Industrial60027551-2.8
J275HA 800 retractable bollard (powder coated)Commercial and Industrial80027571.2-3.5
J275HA 800 retractable bollard (stainless steel)Commercial and Industrial80027571.2-3.5
J355 HA-M30-P1 retractable bollard (powder coated)High Security perimeter defence10003556 (1.5sec for emergency fast operation version)7
J355 HA-M39-P1 retractable bollard (stainless steel)High Security perimeter defence10003556 (1.5sec for emergency fast operation version)2


A growing number of commercial properties require robust and reliable entry and exit barrier solutions. Car parks, commercial premises, hospitals, councils, and corporate head offices all utilise barriers as a proven-effective way to manage visitor flow and property access, with up to 450 open and close cycles per hour.

The Genius range of barrier solutions is comprehensive and covers all of the needs of today’s varying commercial facilities. Solutions vary depending on power supply, maximum beam length, open and close cycle speed and number of cycles per hour. Please talk to our access control team today to identify which barrier system is the perfect match for your needs.

BarrierPower SupplyMax beam length (m)SpeedOpen/close cycles
Genius™230v24v Open/close time (secs)
Spin barrier 424 54≥ 450 cycles p/hr
Spin barrier 4 54≥ 255 cycles p/hr
Spin barrier 6 78≥ 130 cycles p/hr
Rainbow barrier fast 324c 32, 3= 63 cycles p/hr
Rainbow barrier 524c 54, 8= 42 cycles p/hr
Rainbow barrier 724c 77, 11= 21 cycles p/hr

Ideal Applications

  • Prisons
  • Military institutions
  • Laboratories
  • Chemical storage
  • Dangerous goods storage
  • Ammunition storage
  • Airports
  • Power sub stations
  • Rubbish disposal areas
  • Condemned/dangerous sites
  • Construction sites
  • Goods delivery areas
  • Warehouses
  • High security areas