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Expert Consultants in Premium Security and Perimeter Protection

Not sure you know what you need?

Hampden offers an end-to-end security and perimeter protection consulting service. We deliver tailored solutions to a wide range of clients. And while Hampden’s installations are high tech and state-of-the-art, their functionality can be summed up in three key words: safety, security and reliability.

This focus, combined with 45 years’ experience and the right people, makes Hampden New Zealand’s leader in safe, secure, reliable solutions that are always one step ahead.

Your job is unique

While some contractors only offer standard products, you may have needs that demand a custom-designed solution. This may involve overcoming a unique security problem… or delivering on particular design aesthetics… or both. Our consulting, planning, design and in-house fabrication services make us specialists in crafting highly functional, aesthetically pleasing bespoke solutions.

Strategic Planning Design Concepts and Drafting Services

If you need advice in the early stages of master planning, you’ll find our expertise at this critical stage can reward you with significant dividends in delivering a successful project in terms of both function and cost.

Our involvement in the design process means we often work closely with key stakeholders, consultants, architects, engineers, head contractors and even the end-client.

Drafting Services

To provide clarity and certainty for your project, we offer a professional drafting service. Here, your plans and design ideas are brought to life through shop drawings (3D modelling and 2D drafting) using industry-leading SolidWorks software.

Our in-house review team, which includes our Factory Manager, Project Manager and General Manager, is here to support your design team to bring ideas, needs and expertise together to form a clear vision of your project.

We all know accuracy and certainty in construction is essential to the overall build coordination and is increasingly important for design and build contracts for quality and cost control. Don’t leave anything to chance – make sure you have the Hampden Design Team on your side for your next project.

You can rely on our reputation for your next project

You’ll find we have a solid reputation for clever solutions, quality products and excellent workmanship delivered and installed on time. To find out how we do it, contact us.

Why use our Drafting Services?

  • Your planning and design ideas are brought to life through shop drawings
  • You can see it come to life through our market-leading SolidWorks software in 3D modelling and 2D drafting
  • You get a complete package with professional service
  • You enjoy clarity and certainty from start to finish
  • You’ll get guidance on accurate solutions and ‘fit for purpose’ products
  • We support your design team and your vision by bringing together ideas, expertise and needs.
  • You can use our in-house review team, and draw on the collective knowledge and experience that our Factory Manager, Project Manager and General Manager have.
  • You get accurate detailing for construction, which supports the overall build and coordination
  • Options can be investigated and approved without the cost of fabrication
  • Accurate detailing is important to design and build contracts

Drafting Process Overview:

Detailing Process.jpg