Countdown Ponsonby - New Zealand's Safest Swing Gates


Countdown is one of New Zealand’s leading supermarkets. With nearly 200 stores nationwide, 20,000 different products and 18,000 employees that serve 2.5 million people each week, smooth flowing systems are paramount to the businesses everyday operations.  

The Customer

The new Countdown supermarket in Ponsonby (Auckland) was the first cab off the rank for the new Fall Arrest Safety Cable on its Inwards Goods automated swing gates. With a constant stream of delivery trucks in and out of this area, Countdown can now rest assured that in the event of a knock to the gates, and a resulting hinge failure, the gates will not be able to fall.

Building Rich, Lasting Relationships

“We are delighted to be the first site in New Zealand with the new Fall Arrest Safety Cables from Hampden Fence. Countdown is a safety conscious business, so we are pleased to add this as another key way we are looking after our staff and our customers.”

-XYZ, Manager -Countdown Ponsonby

New Zealand’s Largest & Most Competent

“Hampden Fence continues to lead the way in health and safety excellence in the New Zealand fencing industry. The health and safety of our people, our clients and the public remains a core focus for Hampden, and we actively encourage the team to bring new ideas and opportunities for improvements in this area to the table. With this in mind, we are proud to bring you news of another industry first for New Zealand - a 'Fall Arrest Safety Cable' enhancement which is now a standard feature on all swing gates installed by the team at Hampden Fence.”

-Kristian Baldwin, General Manager -Hampden Fence

Safety First

Hampden Fence is proud to announce that as an added safety measure on all swing gates we install we will be adding a Combiarialdo 859A/400 'Fall Arrest Safety Cable', rated to 1.8T.

Should damage be caused to a gateway (most often when a trucks hits the gate post or gate) resulting in a failed gate hinge the fall arrest cable will prevent the gate from falling and either causing damage to property, or worse still injury or death for a pedestrian.

Our Combiarialdo gate hardware supplier believes that no other gates in New Zealand have ever had this type of safety feature installed which means Hampden Fence can safely say that it now offers the safest swing gates in the business!

Combiarialdo 859A Fall Arrest Cable - Dimensions & Mechanical Properties:

  • Zincated Cable (free from hexavalent chrome) covered by transparent PVC coating
  • 'Grade 3' Corrosion resistance
  • Max load 1800kg
  • ROD: Steel 133 fili
  • Supplied with all steel parts and assembling bolts

For more details on this project or the products used, please contact Hampden Fence today.