HotFence Electric Security Fencing System

Take your perimeter security to the next level with a HotFence electric security fencing system – a monitored solution that can be totally integrated into the existing alarm system of your property. Robust and cost-effective, a HotFence electric security fence system will provide you with increased peace of mind. Please talk to us today about how a HotFence electric security fence can add value to your property.

The Most Effective Physical & Pyschological Deterrent


Electric security fencing is one of the most complete forms of physical perimeter security, as even the most determined intruders are inherently afraid of electrified wire fencing. A HotFence electric security fence from Hampden Fence will give unwanted intruders a powerful, non-lethal shock.

Manufactured and installed to international standards, HotFence is most commonly installed as a 20 wire electrified screen on the non-public side of Chainlink fence or atop the fence with the first electrified wire above 1800mm from ground level. HotFence delivers a short pulse of up to 12,000V (3.8 Joules) which will not only shock an intruder, but also trigger a stand-alone alarm or your existing site security systems. 

A Genuine Turn-key Solution

HotFence is the only electric security fencing product to offer true turn-key technology with every aspect of the system working in unison to deliver a superior overall solution. Hampden HotFence electric security fencing is a versatile security add-on suitable for addition to existing roofs, walls or security fences to improve the deterrent and detection capability of the secure perimeter. 

Robust, Durable and Cost-effective

HotFence is the only commercial electric fencing system in New Zealand to feature 100% Stainless Steel fittings (links, clips and springs) to ensure your solution will stand the test of time. We use JVS system components, which have been a proven market-leader in electric fencing for many years. Easy to install and very low-maintenance, HotFence is one of the most cost-effective electric security fencing solutions available. HotFence also integrates seamlessly into practically any existing security alarm system, which means there is very little additional re-work required during installation. 

Your First Alert of an Intruder on Site

HotFence is able to be totally integrated into the existing alarm system of your site/building and the main security key for the building can also become the key for the fencing system. HotFence effectively becomes a fully monitored security solution that acts as a first alert of an intruder on site, giving you increased peace of mind that your premises are safer than ever before.  Fences can be separated into zones for security guards and targeted response teams and offer better trouble shooting in the event of fence damage or vandalism.

Supported by the market leading energizers of JVA Technologies


The HotFence electric security fencing system uses JVA energizers – recognised around the world for their reliability, quality and performance. Fully programmable, JVA energizers have a LCD display showing out and return voltages, battery condition and fence programming settings.

Z14R The Smart Security Energizer

The Z14R is a single-zone electric security fence energizer, purpose built for the control and monitoring of
perimeter security electric fences. It is simple to install and packed with user-friendly, smart functionality.

Flexiable Voltage Settings 

High and low voltage settings let
you determine the ‘zap factor’ with
settings from 0.5kV to 9kV.

Single Zone With Multi Zone Capability 

Reliable single zone control
as standard, with the ability
to introduce multi zone control
as required.

Convenient GSM Control 

GSM control lets you easily manage
your fence using your phone,
regardless of your location.

Perimeter Patrol 

Perimeter Patrol gives your security
fence the ultimate smarts, making it
ideal for complex / off-site security

Easy Install Future-Proof Design

User-friendly, future-proof design ensures the force will delier years of reliable, low-maintenance service for years to come. 

All-Live Bi-Polar Technology

Bi-Polar set-up ensures every
wire is live, offering double the
protection against unwanted
intruders. Conventional set-up
is also available.

A Key Pad or Tablet Interface 

Choose between the intuitive key
pad or the menu driven tablet to
manage and program the many
features of the Z14R.


Keypad image.jpg


Purpose designed for electric security fencing and engineered for superior strength and easy installation, Lynx P-Posts are built to handle even the toughest conditions.

Intermediate Posts      

Supplied plain or with insulators and tek screws. The Lynx P-Posts are profiled for added strength and ease of fitment to existing fence structures. The N690 insulators allow for easy wire attachement as well as replacement of insulators to existing fences.                 

Strainer Posts 

Each strainer post is supplied with 4 weld-to-post brackets ensuring a very sturdy fitment that is ideal for straining off. Profiled for added strength and ease of fixing to existing fences, Lynx strainer posts are built to last.

Key specifications

  • JVA Energizer mounted inside or outside (cabineted) with 230V input plus battery back-up
  • Innovative HotFence Insulator technology
  • HotFence Posts for greater system stability
  • High quality Stainless Steel componentry
  • 2500mm high screen of 20 wires installed inside a 2300mm Pipe & Mesh fence
  • Minimum fence fabric aperture is 50mm diamond
  • Keypad, remote control or key switch operation
  • To comply with New Zealand and Australian standards

You will generally only need a building consent for fences over 2.5m. However you may still need a resource consent for some fences below this height.
Contact local council to check the specific height restrictions and design requirements for your local area.


Ideal Applications

  • Critical infrastructure - power, port and water
  • Commercial warehouses/rooftops
  • Logistics premises and goods delivery areas
  • High-value storage facilities
  • Chemical plants
  • Car and boat sale yards
  • All other at risk sites


  • Easy to Install
  • Customisable
  • Steel Construction 
  • Unique Profile Design 
  • Galvanised 
  • High Quality Components