Pipe & Mesh Chainlink Fencing 

Pipe & Mesh Chainlink fencing is an industry staple and represents a large proportion of all completed fencing projects in New Zealand. Hampden’s Pipe & Mesh Chainlink fencing is made using high quality New Zealand manufactured HT galvanised wire Chainlink mesh. We also use only the highest quality steel pipes which means we are able to consistently offer the best Pipe & Mesh Chainlink fencing on the New Zealand market. Talk to us today to discuss your Pipe & Mesh Chainlink fencing requirements. 

A Versatile Fencing Solution 

Hampden Fence’s Pipe & Mesh Chainlink fencing is a highly versatile perimeter fencing option. It is easy to install, extremely cost effective and many options are available to enhance the security level of the standard Pipe & Mesh security fence. 

These include: 

  • Increase mesh height from 1800mm up to 4200mm
  • Increase wire diameter to 3.15mm for stronger screens
  • Decrease mesh aperture from 50mm to 25mm
  • Add barb wire / razor wire tube / rings top & bottom
  • Add pipe kicker rail to prevent low penetration
  • Add pipe top rail for tighter mesh and balanced look
  • Add electric security fence to inside of fence
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New Zealand Made Chainlink Mesh

The Chainlink mesh used in our Pipe & Mesh Chainlink fencing solutions is manufactured in New Zealand using a specialised Bergandi Chainlink Weaver from the USA.

This market-leading technology and strict quality control ensures our Chainlink knuckles are tight and links are not missed as sometimes happens with inferior weaving machinery. The weaving machine is also highly versatile and has considerable flexibility: 

  • Wire gauge: 2.5mm or 3.15mm
  • Diamond sizes: 25mm or 50mm diamonds
  • Mesh widths / heights: 900mm to 3600mm (Bergandi*)

*heights up to 4000mm can be sourced through our supplier partners, please contact us to find out more. 

Superior Corrosion Resistance for New Zealand Conditions

With over 45 years experience and thousands of completed fencing projects behind it, Hampden understands the needs of New Zealand properties better than any other fencing company. Superior quality corrosion resistant zinc alum or fusion bonded wire ensures our product is durable and meets the strict requirements of the AS/NZS 4534 standard for;

  • Zinc Alum - 380 to 550Mpa, 125 to 135g/m2 as zinc-aluminium, wire diameter 2.5 & 3.15mm.
  • Fusion Bond - 400 to 550Mpa, standard galvanising W02, wire diameter 2.5mm (overall diameter 3.0mm).


Versatile and Robust Applications

Secure Enclosures

Pipe & Mesh is an ideal product to use on high security enclosures, such as those surrounding flammable gas tanks and cylinders, or power boxes. Additional security measures can be added, such as standard/outrigger barbed wire security.

Internal Warehouse Partitions and Cages

Pipe & Mesh fencing is a cost-effective alternative for internal warehouse partitioning and security cage enclosures. With the easy integration of pedestrian and larger vehicle gates, it is a versatile solution that can be customised to suit most applications.

School Grounds / Pedestrian Screens

Pipe & Mesh is an ideal option for fencing as school grounds and is particularly popular for use on sports fields perimeters, where pedestrian screens are required. Talk to us today about your specific requirements.

Custom Sports Enclosures

Pipe & Mesh Chainlink fencing is the ideal option for creating bespoke sports enclosures, purpose-designed for each sport. From cricket nets to softball cages, Pipe & Mesh Chainlink Fencing is a robust and versatile winner.

Animal Management

We have installed Pipe & Mesh fencing over a wide range of specialised animal enclosures and aviary management solutions at Auckland Zoo. Pipe & Mesh is also ideal for dog kennels and has been used by MAF for caging solutions.

HotFence Electric Security Fencing

Pipe & Mesh fencing is a core component of our HotFence electric security fencing system. With a HotFence you can take your Pipe & Mesh fencing security to a whole new level, with the most effective psychological and physical deterrent available.


Ideal Applications

  • Perimeter fence for commercial premises
  • Storage facilities
  • Fuel & equipment enclosures
  • Warehouse partitions & cages
  • General Security fencing
  • Schools & sports grounds
  • Parks & recreation facilities 
  • Correctional centres
  • Animal enclosures