It is with great pride that Hampden Fence brings to you our Preventative Maintenance Contract for all automated gates and barriers that we have installed.

Guaranteed performance, greater longevity

With over 45 years in the industry and with the support of market leading products Hampden Fence is well placed to deliver the peace of mind you need as the person responsible for managing and maintaining the automated gates you have on your site.

  • By locking in a scheduled service of the equipment early you will:
  • Limit any costly repairs
  • Maximise the longevity of your investment
  • Ensure the equipment continues to perform reliably

Most importantly by having a scheduled maintenance programme it will take care of a key aspect of your Health & Safety responsibilities.

Automation maintenance professional

Plus you will always have access to a maintenance professional who knows your site and your equipment and who able to respond when needed. Hampden Fence will provide you with the same great service you received with the install. Call or e-mail us to receive a Preventative Maintenance Contract and let Hampden do the rest.