There’s no substitute for quality

Quality is at the very fabric of the Hampden Fence business, and it is the cornerstone upon which we offer our ‘Hampden Fence Post to Post 10 Year Promise’. We do this with complete confidence, safe in the knowledge that our uncompromising commitment extends beyond the quality of the products we sell and install, and is deeply reflected in the people we employ, and the processes they use every day. At Hampden Fence, we don’t cut corners, we keep our promises, and we make no apologies for expecting quality to be the key benchmark against which we are measured.

Proudly 100% New Zealand owned & operated

Hampden Fence is very proud of its New Zealand roots, and while we now offer our products into Australia and the South Pacific, our core focus remains on providing exceptional fence and gate solutions for the New Zealand market. Many of our products are manufactured on site, and that means we are able to offer much greater levels of quality control, and a surety of supply like no other. Hampden is backed by a highly committed and engaged Board of Directors, whose continued support allows Hampden to look to the future with a high level of security.

The toughest jobs demand a Hampden Fence solution

When it comes to being ‘safe as houses’, it really doesn’t get much more secure that at the big house itself. While most are now mainstream fencing solutions, many of the products within our range have been borne out of the historical work we have undertaken on prisons. All have inherent security-rich properties, and this provides our customers with greater levels of confidence and trust in the performance of our solutions. Our work on other culturally sensitive or architecturally significant projects, also speaks to our expertise and capabilities as a business partner, and we welcome any enquiry to learn more about how we can add value to your next project.

The Hampden Fence10 Year Post-to-Post Promise is our commitment to stand behind the quality of the workmanship on every project we complete for 10 years.

Talk to us today about how we can add value to your fencing project, complete with a 10 Year Post-to-Post Promise