Steel & Aluminium Fence Panels

Hampden Fence offers a selection of high quality steel and aluminium fence panels, ideal for a wide range of applications such as landscaping, commercial environments, community facilities and education centres. All of our steel and aluminium fence panels are easy to install, low-maintenance and built to last. Please contact us today to discuss which fence panels are best for your project.

Developed in New Zealand, for New Zealand

Our steel and aluminium fence panels have been developed in New Zealand to suit out local conditions. Our tough environment is not only corrosive, due to proximity to salt water and geothermal activity, but also suffers from high UV levels. All of our fence panel products have been specifically developed to handle the toughest of environments regardless of where they are installed.  

Easy to install, Easy to Maintain

All of our pre-made fence panel products are simple to install and low-maintenance which means they are an extremely cost-effective option for most fencing applications. Only the highest quality, most robust material are used in our fence panels to ensure they stand the test of time, and hot dip galvanising with an attractive powder-coating finish means there’s also no compromise on style. 

Community Centres and Education Facilities

Hampden Fence’s steel and aluminium fence panels are idea for use in high-traffic community centres and educational facilities such as early childhood education centres. Attractive and robust, our steel and aluminium fence panels are a low maintenance option for anyone looking for years of hassle-free perimeter protection.

Our Range of Steel & Aluminium Fence Panels

CHIEF Tubular Steel Fencing

Chief tubular steel fencing features fully welded, hot dip galvanized fence panels made from rigid, high strength steel and is available in a robust rod top design. With its classic finish, Chief steel fencing makes for a visually attractive, yet highly secure fence solution.


MAX Rigid Wire Fencing

Max rigid wire fence panels are the strongest
welded panel available on the market today. With its robust, 25 x 25mm top and bottom
rail, the Max panel is unobtrusive and quick and easy to install. Available in a range of panel sizes and finishes.


SPIKE Tubular Steel Security Fencing

Spike security fencing is made from rigid, high-strength tubular steel that not only looks imposing to potential intruders but is also exceptionally strong due to its fully welded construction. The Spike features pressed spike tops and a third horizontal rail for extra strength.


PREMIER Premium Aluminium Fencing

Premier is Bulldog’s premium aluminium fencing solution and is the perfect choice for anyone unwilling to compromise on both strength and style. With a sleek, modern design, each fully welded Premier fence panel is designed to make a lasting impression with unique square profiled verticals.


NOBLE Aluminium Fencing

Noble aluminium fencing features fully welded, yet lightweight fence panels, which are easy to handle and simple to install. Manufactured with high-quality smooth aluminium.
Noble fencing combines good looks, modern styling and strength.


BOSS Rakeable Steel Fencing

Boss steel fencing provides a modern, stylish look with a smooth, pre-galvanized steel finish. Designed to hug contours, Boss fence panels are rakeable which makes them the perfect option for undulating sites with slopes of up to 30˚. The box steel construction of Boss fencing, with its 40mm x 40mm bottom rail, offers maximum strength, style and ease of installation.


General Fencing

Hercules™ Plus

Folded Panel Fencing

Ideal Applications

  • Landscape fencing
  • Recreational facilities 
  • Corporate fencing
  • Community facillities