Hampden started life back in 1970 and has come to be the most trusted and reliable perimeter high security company in New Zealand. Whether it’s a prison, motorway, school or port there is a good chance we’ve worked on the fence or gate at some point over the last 48 years!

Now as we enter uncertain times and safety and high security again come to the fore we have expanded our offer to include hostile vehicle mitigation products and high security system integration with a bold new look to suit.


Hampden has one of the most experienced teams in New Zealand’s high security and perimeter protection industries. Many of our staff have been with the company for a long time, and we make effort to keep good people because we know it means we bring a wealth of knowledge and a diverse skill-set to every project.

From our in-house design and fabrication, to our frontline installation crews, we all work together to make sure things run smoothly, and to make sure the team can respond quickly when situations arise.


kristian baldwin

Managing Director

M: 021 190 3796
E: kristian@hampden.co.nz


graham killip

Financial Controller

M: 021 766 330
E: graham@hampden.co.nz


sharon brady

Account Manager

M: 021 881 062
E: sharon@hampden.co.nz


james johnson

Project Manager

M: 021 190 3800
E: james@hampden.co.nz


alan butterworth

Factory Manager

M: 029 200 7262
E: alan@hampden.co.nz



At Hampden, we put safety first and are continuously improving our processes for installation and the designs of the products we install. We engage with stakeholders end-to-end to make sure our products and people are safe and are accredited up-to-date with all major bodies.




Construction, by its very nature, is fraught with problems and slippage in progress. At the end of the day, as a client, you just want the job done. When a situation occurs and the pressure mounts with the clock ticking, we take a strategic approach to work out how to get it done for you. The Hampden team is solutions-focused and while others may just put a problem in the too-hard basket, we’re flexible and can focus our resources allowing us to adapt better than anyone else.