Housing Developments

Ideal for: Subdivision Fencing, House Fencing and Balustrading

Subdivision fencing and balustrade work benefits from using a company with a lot of crews who can be flexible around the civil works of the development. Hampden are New Zealand’s oldest and most experienced company when it comes to this kind of work. Over the last 48 years we’ve seen our work stand the test of time.

Consult with us early to ensure you have the right products for your project.

Wilson+Hurst works with Hampden Fence because they offer highly specialised knowledge and equipment to assist us with testing and difficult requirements. Their in-depth knowledge is invaluable for these kinds of specialist high-security projects. They understand what is required to address the unique security challenges that high-security sites present, and we are able to rely on their experience and expertise to deliver the right products for each challenge.
— Vaughan Wilson - Director (Wilson+Hurst)