Custom Fabrication

Hampden Fence is uniquely positioned to manage the fabrication and manufacture of custom fencing and gate products. Whether it’s a fencing solution with architectural significance, or a job with specific cultural or design sensitivities, Hampden Fence can help to meet the unique requirements of your project. Please contact us today to discuss your specific custom fabrication needs and we'll help you bring your ideas to life. 

Unmatched Fabrication Expertise

Hampden Fence has an exceptionally strong background in fabrication and engineering, with considerable welding and security experience. Our in-house certified welders/fabricators have, at some point, all been on the tools in an installation capacity, so they understand the challenges faced on site. Our highly experienced Factory Manager has significant structural fabrication expertise, and has a strong commitment to customer service, with robust design, manufacturing and quality control processes in place.

No Job Too Big or Small

Hampden Fence is New Zealand’s largest and most competent fencing sales and installation company. This means we are able to tackle the jobs that others simply can’t consider. Please click here to learn more about our Hampden Fence Post-to-Post Service Programme - with genuine end-to-end support at all stages of your project from planning and advice, fabrication and installation, and after-sales maintenance support. Talk to us today to discuss your custom fabrication needs.

Fit-For-Purpose, Custom Solutions

With over 45 years servicing the fence and gate needs of customers across New Zealand, it goes without saying that Hampden Fence has pretty much seen it all. Our considerable experience with custom fabrication means we are engaged to support some highly unique, and truly rewarding projects. For over a decade Hampden has been the preferred partner for fencing for Auckland Zoo, and we have assisted with several enclosures such as Tiger Territory, Giraffe Valley, and the Pridelands. Not just anyone is asked to work with the Zoo’s life sciences team to develop species specific enclosure solutions, and we’re extremely proud of this relationship.

Culturally Sensitive Projects

Hampden Fence has been involved with a number of high profile, culturally sensitive projects, such as fencing on historic pa sites, and is able to call on this experience whenever required. As these projects typically require greater levels of planning and customer input, we assign a dedicated team to successfully manage the job through to completion. Our solutions are developed to be sensitive to the environments in which they will be placed, and we are committed to enhancing the spaces in which we work. This may mean unique one-off bespoke fabrication which is no problem for our experienced team.

Custom Fabrication - to meet your specific needs

High-security sites

Hampden Fence is New Zealand’s leading provider of high security fencing and gate solutions, and this is why Hampden has been involved with more Prisons and Correctional Facilities than any other fencing company. Our expertise, experience, and range allow us to seamlessly match the best possible security fencing solution to each project, whether its 358 anti-climb mesh fencing, or a Pipe and Mesh Chainlink fence with either barbed wire or HotFence electric security fencing security accents.

Custom Gates and Automation Solutions

As a proven provider of custom fabricated solutions, Hampden Fence is often approached to tackle jobs that require significant engineering expertise. Gates are no exception, and Hampden Fence has helped many clients to custom fabricate purpose designed gates that are far from standard, and often out of the scope of other fence and gate companies. We’re also experts in gate automation and access control solutions.

Quality Materials, Exceptional Workmanship

While our approach to custom fabrication is highly flexible and we are able to accommodate most needs, our commitment to quality is uncompromising and for that we make no apologies. Many years’ experience has taught us that there is no substitute for quality, and this ethos flows through to our workmanship, installation and after-sales follow-up. Talk to us today about your specific project requirements.

Custom Steelwork

A key strength for Hampden lies in our ability to develop custom steelwork solutions for bespoke fencing projects. Our fabrication teams have been involved with everything from MAF quarantine cages, bridge safety screens, heavy duty structural steel bollards, handrails and pipe framework, pedestrian barriers and garden centre fencing. Talk to us today about your specific custom steelwork requirements and we will happily present you with a range of options to consider.

Enclosures and Screens

Hampden is well positioned to help with custom enclosures and screens to ensure hazardous materials and sensitive equipment is securely contained at all times. Whether it’s a secure external enclosure for LPG gas cylinders, or custom screens and warehousing partitions for flammable products, Hampden is able to help to meet your specific requirements. Talk to us today and we can provide a range of high-security options to consider.

A Rich Heritage of Innovation

Hampden Fence has a proud history of innovation and continues to deliver market leading solutions that are secure and reliable. The durability and security of many of our products has been borne out of a historical strength in fencing correctional facilities and prisons. These products have evolved to become more attractive and cost-effective mainstream solutions, but the inherent strength and security remains.


Ideal Applications

  • Custom steel fencing
  • Custom aluminium fencing
  • Custom enclosures
  • Internal cages
  • Bespoke sports enclosures
  • Architecturally designed fencing projects