Custom Fabrication

Hampden specialises in custom fabrication as well as complex projects and has a range of experience in regional prisons, Auckland Zoo exotic species enclosures, national infrastructure rail and road fencing, high-security national distribution centres, as well as schools. We offer tailor made high security packages to suit your prospective project.


Our core competencies in custom fabrication

Tailored High Security Packages: We offer custom made high security supply only packages as comprehensive kit-sets complete with expert advice directly from our installers and management team. We also offer a supply and install option for the total high security packages.

Design & technical expertise: We have an experienced team with many years in the industry and with our experience and expertise we can offer design options to suit your needs.

In-house fabrication : We undertake all of our own fabrication work and that means we call the shots, and can pull out all the stops when required.

100% certified welders: Our fabrication team is made up of 100% certified welders so you can rely on the quality of our workmanship at all times.

Enhanced quality control: In-house fabrication means we can employ greater levels of quality control throughout the fabrication process, and test as required.

Optimum job scheduling: In-house fabrication capability means we can undertake our own work and maximise output to support client time frames.

Health & safety compliance: In-house control means we can ensure greater Health & Safety compliance during manufacture, and installation.

Fence and gate repairs: Our in-house fabrication team can assist with urgent fence and gate repairs to ensure minimal disruption on your site. 

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