Ideal for: Business Centres, Supermarkets and Shops

The design of the front gate and fence make a strong first impression of your business. In a commercial setting, the aesthetic must be balanced with the needs for high security and safety. Hampden creates amazing and creative fences and gates for business centers, supermarkets and shops that accentuate the brands of the businesses that they protect. Designs are developed in consultation with the owners and their architects. Show drawings are produced for sign-off, then the ideas start to take a physical form. Check out some of the results in the gallery below.

Let your front gate and fence be the calling card of your building!

We were really pleased with the work Hampden did for us,” explains Tim Strawbridge, Project Director, of Fosters Construction. “The project had a requirement for a large acoustic fence and automated gates - we struggled to find a company willing to look at this project for us due to the complexity. Hampden took care of the design, fabrication and installation of the large 800kg acoustic gates for the loading bay. The entire project was extremely well-executed from a time, quality and cost prospective. The ease in which these massive gates operate in what is a designated a high wind zone is testimony to the capability of the team at Hampden.
— TIM STRAWBRIDGE, Project Director