High security Sites

Ideal for: Embassies, Government Departments

In an uncertain world, perimeter security at Embassies, Government Departments, Police and Defence Force compounds are being reconsidered. More secure designs such as Armourfence Palisade and 358 anti-climb mesh are now being demanded over chainlink mesh and razor wire.

Hampden can deliver on your high-end security needs without necessarily making it look that way, as sometimes it does not pay to advertise. Add to this our experience with key security elements such as crash-tested road blockers, bollards and other forms of hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM), and we can give you the control you require.

Pharmaceutical facilities including cannabis warehouses and research facilities are among other sites that require tailored high security solutions.

Hampden provide design stage consultation right through to product specification and installation

Wilson+Hurst works with Hampden Fence because they offer highly specialised knowledge and equipment to assist us with testing and difficult requirements. Their in-depth knowledge is invaluable for these kinds of specialist high-security projects. They understand what is required to address the unique security challenges that high-security sites present, and we are able to rely on their experience and expertise to deliver the right products for each challenge.
— Vaughan Wilson - Director (Wilson+Hurst)