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Ideal for: Schools, Universities, Early Childhood Care

Hampden is one of New Zealand’s most experienced school fencing providers, offering proven solutions to secure school grounds and sports fields across New Zealand. Attractive, highly durable and requiring low maintenance, Hampden school fencing is cost-effective and built to last. Whether it’s Pipe & Mesh chainlink fencing, folded panel fencing, custom timber, steel & aluminium, wrought iron, 358 anti-climb or Armour fence, Hampden has a solution to meet your specific requirements. Each type of fence offers varying levels of available heights, aesthetics and security, so talk to us about which option will suit your property best.


Custom-Made School Gates


Gates are an important consideration for any school perimeter fencing security system. Hampden is able to custom fabricate pedestrian and vehicle gates to seamlessly match the security fencing you have chosen for your school property. Perimeter fencing with clear access gates can assist in visitor management, during and after school hours, they also allocate entry and exit points meaning that staff are able to monitor students with ease. Additional security enhancements can also be added through automation, intercoms, barrier arms and bollards.

School Pool Fencing

Hampden is able to provide you with a school pool fencing solution that will not only ensure ongoing safety, but will also be in keeping with existing fencing across your school site. Talk to Hampden if you require attractive and cost-effective school fencing solutions that will stand the test of time.

Sloping Sites and Surrounding Features 

Hampden has a range of flexible raking fence panels for school properties that have challenging sites with sloping grounds. Ranking panels allow schools to seamlessly complete their entire school perimeter in the same solution and style. Understanding any surrounding features that may require extra security to ensure safety is also a focus for Hampden. Often busy roads, water ways or pedestrian areas require attention to detail and planning, so be sure to discuss these with us. 

School Sports Enclosures


If you’re looking for fencing solutions for sports enclosures, then talk to the team at Hampden. The company has vast experience when it comes to the fabrication and installation of fences for cricket nets, softball cages, netball courts, hockey turfs and other sporting codes, made to your specifications. Hampden are able to meet with your schools height requirements, keeping footballs on grounds and preventing staff from having to collect them, maintaining safety for all.

Traffic Management in School Environments 


The new Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 extends to ensuring safety around school grounds. Our products are perfectly positioned to address this issue and are ideal for discerning schools looking for robust, proven solutions that provide effective traffic management on school campuses. 

Key Considerations Include:

  • Level of security 

  • Surrounding features – Roads, water, shops?

  • Number of students and age range

  • Visitor management, during and after hours

  • Height requirements – Particularly for sports fields and courts

  • Quality and longevity

  • Access control

Fortunately, Hampden has years of experience in school fencing solutions. We can help with all the above and create solutions that not only do the job but stand the test of time while being visually appealing. Talk to us today to find a solution fit for your school.


Need a great looking school fence?

The Hampden team was great from start to finish. Pricing & timelines were clear, and we were kept well informed of when Hampden’s installation staff would be on-site. I must commend James and his installation crew. They sought verbal confirmation at every stage of the job, ensuring my expectation were always met
— Barbara Duckworth, Papakura Central School Principal