Product Support + Maintenance

All our products are built to withstand the test of time. However, any prudent owner will look to extend the life of such important and integral high security assets by signing up to a maintenance plan to reduce the likelihood of breakdowns. This helps ensure the equipment is safe to operate and that key aspects of your Health and Safety requirements are taken care of.

Hampden recommends regular maintenance on all automated equipment.

Regular maintenance is essential for:

  • Limiting costly repairs

  • Maximising the longevity of your investment

  • Ensuring equipment continues to perform reliably

  • Meeting manufacturer’s guidelines and warranties

Hampden Fence & Gate Repairs

Hampden is well equipped to help with any one-off fence and gate repairs as required.  We also provide ongoing preventative maintenance programmes to ensure your fence and gate installations remain in the best possible condition and good working order.


Preventative maintenance

You will always have access to a maintenance professional who knows your site and your equipment and who able to respond when needed. Hampden will provide you with the same great service you received with the install. Call or e-mail us to receive a Preventative Maintenance Contract and let Hampden do the rest.

Gate Operation and Automation

By locking in a scheduled service of the equipment early you will limit any costly repairs and maximise the longevity of your investment. This ensures the equipment continues to perform reliably and most importantly by having a scheduled maintenance programme it will take care of a key aspect of your Health & Safety responsibilities.

Electric Fence

Unlike your front gate it can be quite difficult to tell if your electric fence isn’t working. This occurs due to earthing issues. As plants grow along the fenceline they earth the wires and drain away the charge. Same with poor earthing. Soil conditions change and your earth might not be properly functioning any more. By some estimates up to 70% of electric security fences don’t actually work after 5 years. The good thing is that regular maintenance fixes this easily and with low cost.

Onsite Repairs

Fence Repairs: Pipe and Mesh, Palisade, Panel and Wrought Iron Security.

Gate Repairs: Swing, Sliding and Cantilever either manual or automated.

Electric High Security Fencing: Electric wires attached to any sort of high security fencing.

Automation & Access Control: Our experienced technician has relevant qualifications to make onsite repairs to gate automation systems.

Workshop Repairs

Gate Repairs
If on site welding is insufficient the gate will be transported to our workshop.

Gate Rebuilds
Should the gate require a rebuild temporary gate security can be installed.

Any significant damage that cannot be repaired on site will be transported back to our fabrication facility for repair or rebuild. With a crane truck capable of carrying gates up to 9 Meters in length urgent repairs can be handled generally on the same day.

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