Architectural Panel

The elevation of fence, balustrade and gate design to being an integral part of the overall aesthetic of the build is becoming more important in built up areas, with medium and high density dwellings. Hampden offer a curated range of stylish designs with PS1 compliance.


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Vertical angle panels

The Nicks Close up of Pickets.png

Angle panels create an interesting visual effect that accentuates a modern build. They typically have 50% blockout when viewed from the front and 100% blockout when viewed from the side. The panels are very strong and can also be used in balustrade applications.

Vertical Fin panels

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Fin panels are very popular in modern vertical builds. The lines add the perception of greater height and add visual flavour to what can be an otherwise featureless facade.


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Ideal Application

  • Commercial

  • Vertical builds

  • High density residential

  • Schools

  • Hospitals