Balustrade Panels

A compliant balustrade is required anywhere that has a fall of 1m or more. This means that when there is a risk of falling from a retaining wall, balcony, or platform, there is the need for compliance and certification. Hampden installs a variety of options ranging from steel and aluminium through to bespoke and architectural designs. Raking panels that follow the contours of the ground are also an option.

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Steel Balustrade

Steel Balustrade panels are made from epoxy powder coated Z275 galvanised steel. A clever mechanism inside the rail allows the panel to rake up to 30 deg and the panel is balustrade compliant at 2.4m long. This makes it the ideal panel fence solution for subdivision developments with long runs.

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Ideal Application

  • Subdivisions

  • Commercial balustrade

  • Parks

  • Vertical Builds