Bike Cages

With an increase in vertical builds in our major cities secure bike storage and end of trip facilities become more important. Hampden offer a range of designs; from small single lockers to large enclosures that can hold multiple bikes (indoor or outdoor options) using products such as chainlink through to welded mesh for greater security. All Enclosures are custom designed and fabricated in-house to comply with New Zealand standards and conditions. A tailored bespoke design or an off-the-shelf design can be provided upon request. Available as supply only or fully installed. 

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As the popularity of cycling grows, bike storage solutions are quickly becoming essential for commercial success. Primarily for easing cyclist concerns for when they leave their bike unattended.

Hampden offers a Turnkey solution including, design, fabrication and installation to suit the application of your new or existing site.

Pipe and Mesh Multi-Bike cages

Pipe and mesh construction is the most cost effective way of creating a bike parking enclosure. This is most suitable for areas where a natural level of security already exists - such as in a secure underground car park or inside a larger compound. Large enclosures - either with or without a roof - can be quickly installed to fit the number of bikes required. A variety of commercially available or custom rack types can be fitted to suit.

Chainlink Bike Cage Render cropped.png

Secure Bike Cages

Single Bike Cage Render cropped.png

Higher security bike enclosures can be constructed from square welded mesh. These can be custom designed to fit one or multiple bikes. The rigid construction acts as a strong deterrent and dramatically increases the time a thief would take to gain access to the bikes. Non-see-through options are also available that offer restricted visibility and greater security levels


You can customise the access requirements of the enclosure according to the number of bikes you need to store and how much traffic you expect.

A Swing or Sliding gate can be operated in several configurations, manually with a pad lock, mechanical and swipe card electronic entry can be integrated with manual and mechanical configurations.

A typical set up is to manually operate the door (gate) by entering with a key or swipe card system with an electric strike door.

Hampden can consult and design with 2D drafting and 3D modelling then fabricate all components and install.

Modular, Kitset or Custom. All material is Hot Dip Galvanised


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Ideal Application

  • Apartment Buildings

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Schools

  • Universities

  • Office Buildings

  • Car Parks

  • Train Stations