Hampden Consultancy Services:

Hampden brings extensive knowledge, experience and expertise to every stage of each project it works on. Please take advantage of our extensive 45 year history by engaging with our Consultancy Services team - to ensure the best possible outcome for your upcoming projects:

Strategic Planning & Design Advice

Hampden’s customers are increasingly asking advice at the early stages of master planning. Our expertise at this critical stage can pay real dividends in delivering a successful project. Involvement in the design usually means that we are working with key stakeholders such as consultants, architects, engineers and even the client directly.  

Drafting Services

Hampden offers professional drafting services in a seamless solution which is ideal for providing clarity and certainty for your project. Drafting is where the planning and design ideas are brought to reality through shop drawings (3D modelling and 2D drafting) using Solid Works software.

Hampden's in house review team (our Factory Manager, Project Manager & General Manager), is here to support our clients' design teams - bringing ideas, needs and expertise together to form a clear vision for each project. Accurate detailing for construction supports the overall build coordination, which is increasingly important for design and build contracts. Don't leave anything to chance - contact the Hampden team today to work with our Drafting team on your next project.

Drafting Services Overview:

  • Where the planning and design ideas are brought to reality through shop drawings
  • 3D modelling and 2D drafting using Solid Works
  • We offer a professional service and overall package
  • Great for providing clarity and certainty.
  • Support design teams, clients visions by bringing together ideas, expertise and needs.
  • We have an in-house review team: Factory manager, Project manager and General Manager
  • Accurate detailing for construction, this supports the overall build and co-ordination
  • Important to design and build contracts
  • From concept to completion

Drafting Process Overview:

Detailing Process.jpg