Folded Panel Fencing

Hampden Fence offers the highest quality folded panel fencing solutions from New Zealand’s leading panel manufacturers. Folded panel fencing is extremely versatile, low maintenance and cost effective, which makes it a popular option across a wide range of applications. Please contact us today to discuss the range of Folded Panel Fencing that Hampden offers. 

Key Attributes:

Folded Panel Fencing is able to be attached to galvanised pipe, wooden posts, brick pillars, concrete and other building products.

Folded Panel Fencing is visually appealing which means it integrates well into both urban and rural settings.

Easy to Install & Replace
In the event of unforeseen damage, simplicity of replacement ensures restoration of panels can occur with a minimum of delay.

Durable Construction
Robust construction and hot dip galvanised finish ensures many years of faultless service.


Resistant to Climbing and Vandalism
Folded Panel Fencing features an anti-scaling gap of vertical rods without horizontal hand or foot holds to present the maximum deterrent to climbers and vandals. 

Low Maintenance, Cost Effective Fencing

Folded Panel fencing is a low maintenance fencing solution that is also very cost effective, compared to many other fencing products. The understated and yet robust nature of folded panel fencing continues to make it an extremely attractive option for budget conscious users such as schools and early childhood centres.

Excellent Visual Properties 

Folded Panel fencing offers excellent visibility through the fence which means it can be used in a wider range of applications including around car park areas where good visibility heightens security.

Ideal as a New or Retrofit Fencing Solution

The distinctive folded-top, hot dip galvanised finish of panel fencing means it offers an attractive, symmetrical style that will suit any new fencing project. Likewise, the understated, clean lines of folded panel fencing allows it to seamlessly integrate with many other steel and timber fencing products. Pedestrian and full size gate (for vehicular access) are able to be easily incorporated into the finished folded panel fence solution. 

All panels, posts and gates are available in a hot dipped galvanised finish or galvanised and then powder coated in a range of Dulux colours, Non stock gates can be fabricated to suit specific gateway requirements.

Anchor Panel Fencing                   ASPL Panel Fencing 

Hurricane Panel Fencing 


Ideal Applications

  • Commercials sites
  • Industrial locations
  • Airports and ports
  • Motorways
  • Preschools & Schools
  • Rail stations
  • Sports facilities & parks
  • Swimming & spa pools
  • Playgrounds