Industrial Handrail

Handrails play an important role in separating people from hazards. Effective design will consider the number of rails, need for a toe-guard and/or infill panels. Ease of installation is another key factor. Masterklamp itset type railing systems do not require welding on site and are prefered for applications where a hotwork permit is difficult or costly to obtain.


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Industrial Handrail Configurations

Consultation in the early stages of the project will ensure that you get a handrail configuration that ideally suits your application: elevated walkways and platforms will require a toe-guard so that tools cannot fall on people below, bike paths will require a continuous rail at 1.2m that projects into the path so that handlebars do not tangle with the stanchions, disability assist rails will require continuous railing that is designed to guide visually impaired. Commercial balustrade can also be fabricated either flat or to suit stairs or undulating terrain.


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Ideal Applications

  • Services walkways

  • Motorway

  • Pedestrian walkways

  • Warehouses

  • Construction sites

  • Goods delivery areas

  • Car parks

  • Schools

  • Hospitals