Motorway Fencing

Effective motorway fencing a motorway utilises long runs of chainlink mesh with folded panels, 358 mesh fencing and acoustic barriers to create the optimal environment for pedestrians, wildlife, bicycles and motor vehicles. Early stage consultation will ensure that the right balance of products and cost to meet your project requirements.

Talk to us and we will work with you to identify the best choice of panels and other fencing for your roading projects.

Understanding different types of motorway fencing

Folded panels provide utility in areas where cyclists and pedestrians need to be separated from the motorway.

358 Mesh is the best option for bridges and elevated walkways where its excellent anit-scale properties and small apertures prevent people or objects from accidentally falling in the path of vehicles.

Timber fencing can be utilized to create a noise wall and visual barrier in densely populated areas. It is costly to install due to the shear amount of materials involved.

Chainlink mesh is good where the ground is undulating and it is necessary to work in with trees and bushes. It is the lowest cost option and very versatile.


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Ideal Application

  • Motorway

  • State highway

  • Rail corridors