Pipe & Mesh Chainlink

Chainlink Fencing

Pipe & Mesh Chainlink fencing is an industry staple and represents a large proportion of all completed fencing projects in New Zealand. Hampden’s Pipe & Mesh Chainlink fencing is made using high quality manufactured components.

A cost effective, entry level perimeter security solution.


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A versatile fencing solution

Hampden’s Pipe & Mesh Chainlink fencing is a highly versatile perimeter fencing option. It is easy to install, extremely cost effective and many options are available to enhance the security level of the standard Pipe & Mesh security fence. 

These include: 

  • Increase mesh height from 1800mm up to 4200mm

  • Increase wire diameter to 3.15mm for stronger screens

  • Decrease mesh aperture from 50mm to 25mm

  • Add barb wire / razor wire tube / rings top & bottom

  • Add pipe kicker rail to prevent low penetration

  • Add pipe top rail for tighter mesh and balanced look

  • Add electric security fence to inside of fence.

New Zealand Made Chainlink Mesh

The Chainlink mesh used in our Pipe & Mesh Chainlink fencing solutions is manufactured in New Zealand using a specialised Bergandi Chainlink Weaver from the USA. This market-leading technology and strict quality control ensures our Chainlink knuckles are tight and links are not missed as sometimes happens with inferior weaving machinery.

  • Gauge: 2.5mm or 3.15mm

  • Diamond : 25mm or 50mm

  • Heights: 0.9m to 4m. 

chainlink spec diagram.png

Superior Corrosion Resistance

Superior quality corrosion resistant zinc alum or fusion bonded wire ensures our product is durable and meets the strict requirements of the AS/NZS 4534 standard for;

  • Zinc Alum - 380 to 550Mpa, 135g/m2 as zinc-aluminium, wire diameter 2.5 & 3.15mm.

  • Fusion Bond - 400 to 550Mpa, standard galvanising W02, wire diameter 2.5mm (overall diameter 3.0mm) bonded will high adhesion PVC coating.

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Ideal Application

  • Sports enclosures

  • Commercial properties

  • Cages & Enclosures

  • Animal management

  • Internal warehouse partitions

  • Schools

  • In conjunction with electric security fence