Prison Security Fencing

Hampden Fence is New Zealand’s leading provider of high security fencing and gate solutions for prisons, correctional facilities and other high security properties. As the largest and most competent fencing company in the country, Hampden Fence has unparalleled skills, expertise and resources to successfully manage prison projects. Please talk to us today about your upcoming project in the prisons/corrections sector. 


The preferred choice for prisons

Hampden Fence has helped secure 10 prisons across New Zealand and the South Pacific and many other correctional facilities. No other fencing company has been chosen more than Hampden to undertake this nationally significant work, and this is a direct reflection of our experience and expertise in high security fencing and gate solutions. We offer a wide range of market-leading security products including 358 anti-climb rigid mesh, Expamet Expanded Mesh, ArmourBarb Razorwire, ArmourFence Palisade fencing, and the HotFence Electric Security Fencing system. Talk to us today about our high-security solutions for prisons.

Tamper-resistant fasteners

Hampden Fence has a marketleading range of tamper-resistant fixings and fasteners that provide an enhanced level of security to high-risk sites such as prisons and correctional facilities. From Huck Bolt pin and collar fasteners to Quad Drive self-threading tamper resistant screws, our fasteners simply can’t be beaten. Talk to Hampden today about using our fasteners to enhance the security on your next prison project.

Specialist skills, dedicated resources

Hampden Fence has a highly experienced team with specialist design, fabrication and installation skills that can be matched to each project as required. We also have considerable resources and equipment at our disposal, to ensure the seamless completion of every project that we work on.

Proven effective anti-climb properties

358 anti-climb rigid mesh is a highly attractive, yet seriously secure fencing solution suitable for a wide range of applications. The finger resistant apertures and 4mm wire diameter provide a substantial barrier, making it difficult to climb and practically impossible to cut using conventional bolt or wire cutters. In spite of the small mesh aperture, the see-through characteristics remain unimpaired when viewed head-on or at an angle. Due to its rigidity and minimal wind resistance, 358 is very stable, making it ideal for use with electric alarms and when strain tension on end anchors cannot be achieved, such as roof tops and walkways. 358 is galvanised after fabrication, guaranteeing all welded joints are protected from exposure and moisture, and ensuring unparalleled product quality and enhanced longevity. Hampden Fence offers a 5 Year Warranty on this durable and versatile product, suitable for everything from high-security installations to high-end architectural applications and perfect for prisons.

A proven track record for keeping properties secure

Over the past 45 years, Hampden has completed thousands of fencing and gate projects across New Zealand and the South Pacific – more than any other local fencing company. We have worked on some of the largest and most significant projects in New Zealand and the quality and longevity of our client relationships is testament to the quality of our people and our work.

Talk to us today about how we can add value to your next prison project, large or small.


Ideal Applications

  • Prisons
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Court Houses
  • Police Stations
  • Detention Centres
  • Airports
  • Ports
  • Rail Projects