Privacy screens

Traditionally used to hide unsightly services from view or obscure valuable or sensitive installations while providing airflow and light. Modern aluminum screens look great for years without needing maintenance while more traditional materials such as steel and timber offer a structural alternative. Hampden have extensive experience with custom screening for applications ranging from commercial and education sectors right through to correctional facilities.


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Slat panel privacy screens

The Oasis Detailed View Angled.png

Aluminium slat panels can be custom fabricated to suit any size space. The slats spacing can also be varied to create different levels of air flow and visibility. Narrow 10mm gaps are very private, 16mm gaps are great for airflow.

Louvre bladed privacy screens

The Verve Detailed View Angled.png

Large louver blades with a small overlap will allow airflow and light from certain angles. This can be used across gate design or building facade also.


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Ideal Application

  • Services areas

  • Correctional facilities

  • High security areas

  • Schools

  • Hospitals