Storage Enclosures

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Welded Mesh Enclosures

Welded mesh enclosures can be designed and fabricated to suit higher security storage needs. Square aperture steel mesh provides great visibility and airflow. It is suitable for underground car parks. 358 anti-scale mesh is a higher security option with the closely spaced rigid wire giving added defence against unwanted attention. Other non-visibility constructions can be designed to the needs of the customer.

Pipe and mesh Enclosures

Pipe and mesh construction is the most cost effective way of creating a storage enclosure. They are fast to erect and the material cost is low. Large enclosures either with or without a roof can be made to customer specifications.

access and locking options

You can customise the access requirements of the enclosure according to the nature of the goods to be stored and how much use they will get.

A Swing or Sliding gate can be operated in several configurations, manually with a padlock, mechanical and swipe card electronic entry can be integrated with manual and mechanical configurations.

A typical set up is to manually operate the door (gate) by entering with a key or swipe card system with an electric strike door.


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Ideal Application

  • Warehouses

  • Goods delivery areas

  • Military institutions

  • Pedestrian walkways

  • Airports

  • Construction sites

  • Goods delivery areas

  • Prisons

  • High security areas

  • Schools

  • Hospitals