Swing Gates

Hampden Fence offers custom fabricated swing gates, which can be built to seamlessly match your new, or existing security fencing solution.  We can also offer complementary gate automation and access control systems to help you better manage the access of vehicles and pedestrians in and out of your property.  Talk to us today about your custom swing gate requirements and we'll find you the perfect match for your property.  


Is a Swing Gate Right for Your Property?

Swing gates are typically simpler and quicker to install, and are naturally less expensive due to not requiring a concrete plinth and using less componentry. Swing gates have a reduced level of security compared to sliding / cantilever gates but represent a solid option for lower-risk properties. More suitable to shorter driveways, swing gates are affected by wind loading much more than sliding gates, and this can sometimes result in manual or automated operational difficulties. All Hampden Fence swing gates are now fitted with a ‘Fall Arrest Safety Cable’ rated to 1.8T. Manual or automated options available.

Fall Arrest Safety Cables - Leading the way for swing gate safety in New Zealand

Hampden is proud to announce that as an added safety measure on all installed swing gates we will be adding a high-quality Combiarialdo 859A/400 'Fall Arrest Cable' which is rated to 1.8T.

Should damage be caused to the gateway (most often when a trucks hits the gate post or gate) resulting in a failed gate hinge the fall arrest cable will prevent the gate from falling and either causing damage to property, or worse still injury or death for a pedestrian. Our gate hardware supplier believes that no other gates in New Zealand have ever had this type of safety feature installed which means Hampden Fence can safely say that it offers the safest swing gates in the business!

Gate automation and access control

Hampden Fence can assist you with automating your gate and adding an access control solution to restrict access to unauthorised visitors or intruders.  All gate automation solutions and access control systems are specific to the needs of your property and will be matched to the nature of your gate and usage.  Please contact Hampden Fence today to discuss your gate automation and access control requirements. 

Custom-made for a perfect fit

Because no two sites are the same, all Hampden Fence gate solutions are custom-fabricated to suit each customers’ specific needs. Whether its a entrance vehicle access gate, or a simple pedestrian gate, Hampden can provide a range of options with varying degrees of automation or enhanced security features. Our experienced fabrication team has custom-made thousands of gates over the past 45 years, and the only real limit to what they can achieve is your imagination. Our gates can be fabricated to match your existing fence styles and we can arrange for a stylish finish to create a lasting first impression for visitors to your site.

Swing gates don’t suit your property?

If swing gates don’t sound like the appropriate solution, Hampden Fence have other options, such as sliding gates, cantilever gates, and top-slider gates. 


Sliding gates offer a high level of security and take up less space than swing gates due to not having the ‘swing’ however they do require a continuous concrete plinth for the track.



Cantilever gates offer the same amount of security as sliding gates but without the need for a track, ideal if your property has gravel or frequent heavy traffic as sliding gate tracks can become damaged by trucks and forklifts.



Top-slider gates allow for maximum overhead clearance as there are no limitations of the width of the openings. Contact Hampden Fence for more information on which gate solution fits your property best.

Ideal Applications

  • Industrial premises
  • Sloping sites
  • Non-sealed driveways