Full height turnstiles

Control of pedestrians into stadiums, factories, construction sites and other premises with highest security requirements is made easy with the installation of full height turnstiles. These range from manual single and bi-directional models right through to automated and fully integrated access control systems with card reader or more sophisticated entry systems.

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electro-mechanical turnstile


Hampden supply and install electro-mechnical drive turnstiles with bi-directional operation that can be integrated with any type of access control and ID systems. They have a low power consumption, whisper quiet operation. Various customisations including double (separate in/out) or bike/pram lanes are possible with a wide range of access control accessories.

Manual Turnstiles


Mechanical full height turnstiles are applied at installations for single direction pedestrian access management. They are a cost effective solution which without the need for power supply. A variety of options are available to suit the requirements of your site.

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Ideal Application

  • Stadiums

  • Factories

  • Construction sites

  • Highest security buildings