Wrought Iron Security Fencing

The Hampden Fence Wrought Iron fencing range provides cost-effective, stylish and secure perimeter protection options to cover a wide selection of property requirements. Most importantly however, quality is never compromised because our wrought iron fencing is made with heavier steel bar and tube materials than any other production fence system available in New Zealand. Talk to us today to see if a Hampden wrought iron fencing solution is right for your property.

A Range of Options

Hampden Fence offers a range of wrought iron security fencing options, custom made to suit your specific requirements. We offer four typical construction options:

  • Tube & Arrow
  • Solid Rod & Arrow
  • Flat Top
  • Contour panels

Strength, Style and Peace of Mind

Strength and durability are assured with welded joints and hot dip galvanised corrosion protection. Gates are available in all styles ex-stock and colour options can be arranged by prior arrangement. Hampden's non-removable fixtures and brackets are also unique and only available with our Wrought Iron fencing.

You can be assured that intruders with tools will soon move on if they find you are protected by a Hampden Wrought Iron perimeter security fence.

Versatile and Robust

Wrought Iron fencing is one of our most versatile fencing options thanks to a marriage of several core qualities:

  • Strength: Wrought iron fencing is one of the strongest fencing options which makes it ideal for high impact locations such as schools, sports clubs or commercial properties.
  • Style: With a range finishes and accents, wrought iron fencing is almost certainly available in a style that will suit your property.
  • Low maintenance: Once installed, wrought iron fencing will provide years of hassle-free perimeter security.
  • Security: Wrought Iron fencing is inherently secure, especially when installed with arrow accents on each tube. 

A solid security option for schools

Wrought iron security fencing is an excellent option for school perimeters as it is a highly robust and hard wearing solution that is also both attractive and imposing. With additional security accents such as arrow tops, a Hampden wrought iron security fence will make both school children and unwanted intruders think twice about scaling the school’s perimeter. We have a range of wrought iron styles and configurations to choose from, and we can seamlessly match the fence with wrought iron vehicle and pedestrian access gates. Please contact us today to discuss the unique requirements of your school property.

 South Auckland Motors - powder coated wrought iron security fencing

South Auckland Motors - powder coated wrought iron security fencing


Ideal Applications

  • Schools
  • Golf Clubs
  • Retirement Villages
  • Motor Vehicle Dealerships
  • Commercial Developments
  • Property requiring strong protection & smart appearance