Auckland Zoo Specialist Animal Enclosures

Animal Enclosures


To achieve enclosures that suit the ongoing needs of Auckland Zoo and its animals, Hampden works closely with the Zoo’s Life Sciences team to design robust and sustainable fencing solutions. Working with the zoo has special requirements, urgency being one. As the largest and most competent fencing company in New Zealand, Hampden uses its scale to allocate the appropriate levels of resource to ensure each project is successfully delivered to deadline.

The Customer

In December 1922, Auckland City Council officially opened Auckland Zoo in Western Springs. Auckland Zoo covers approximately 17 hectares and currently has around 179 species of animal (1300+ individual animals).

This terrain is always developed as ‘naturally’ as possible for each species, and is therefore often undulating and challenging. Hampden has consistently demonstrated an ability to deliver large-scale enclosures that enhance the zoo footprint.

The Key Challenges

  • Planning & Design Support: Hampden’s fencing expertise has been invaluable, especially during the initial planning and design stages of major enclosures, providing practical and cost effective solutions to fit the Zoo's 'wish-list'

  • Flexibility: Demonstrate an ability to ‘roll with the punches’ and remain flexible at all times, recognising that things do not always go to plan when animals are involved.

  • Resource Allocation: Because Hampden employs its own fencing teams, when the Zoo requires projects to be completed quickly and with minimal disruption to the animals, Hapmden has proven time and time again it can make it happen.

The Solution 

Hampden Fence has assisted Auckland Zoo in developing and renovating some of its most popular large-scale enclosures, including Tiger Territory, Giraffe Valley and the Pridelands enclosure. "Hampden Fence has been very helpful in the planning process", says Auckland Zoo Curator Michael Batty.

"We usually know what we want to achieve, but we rely heavily on Hampden’s specialist product knowledge to know if we can deliver on these ideas”, adds Michael. “Hampden is always available to discuss the various options and they’re really flexible, which makes them easy to deal with", says Mr. Batty.

New Zealand's Largest & Most Competent

Hampden is New Zealand’s largest and most competent fencing company, and that made it an easy choice for Auckland Zoo when appointing a preferred supplier for fencing and gate solutions.

"Hampden understand the urgent needs we have because animals are involved”, says Michael. “They seem to have the size and manpower to be able to drop everything and help us get things done in a hurry, which is perfect", he concludes.