Bayfair Countdown Shopping Centre Expansion

Bayfair Countdown Shopping Centre Expansion

Hampden was initially approached by Architects Woodhams Meikle Zhan (WMZ) alongside structural engineers Beca in 2017 to consult and design large acoustic gates for the project. Hampden then fabricated and installed the gates for Foster Construction, who were winners of the Westpac Waikato business awards in 2017.

Hampden, with its experience with bespoke ‘engineered solutions’, was given the task of supplying a complete solution that would meet the operational demands of the customer on an extremely challenging site.

Services offered / Solutions / Why Chosen

  1. Hampden collaborated on the project with architects and engineers over 12 months, perfecting the design before fabrication commenced in 2018. When faced with meeting exacting containment criteria, Hampden’s extensive knowledge and experience gained from its involvement in 11 major prisons developments and several smaller prison enhancement projects, has proven to be invaluable to the design team and the client.

  2. The unique design required custom fabrication. Hampden had at hand the ability to produce the detailed shop draws needed.

  3. To Hampden, each component of the final structure must play its part. Knowing what works and what doesn’t is crucial in delivering a long-term solution for the Client.

  4. Over the years Hampden has developed strong relationships with all its key suppliers, providing confidence in the quality of the finished product.


Key project facts

  1. $350,000 Contract Value

  2. Being the entry and exit loading dock for a large supply chain store, it was critical for the large automated gates to perform reliably in all conditions, and to open up to more than 90 degrees to allow enough room for trucks to have easy access.

  3. Due to the site’s proximity to the ocean, the automation and hinges, in particular, needed to be robust enough to handle any environmental extremes that might be thrown at the gates.

  4. While being suitable for the environmental conditions, the gates also formed part of the perimeter fencing. This required them to be both an acoustic and a visual barrier.

Scope and Products used

  1. Heavy Duty DAAB operators (imported from Sweden) were used in conjunction with customised bracketry. Due to their high operational ratings and proven performance in prison environments, these operators can withstand the expected high wind loading.

  2. As the finished weight of a gates was expected to be more than 850kg, additional features such as Photocells and Wireless safety edges were incorporated in the gates as a safety precaution to avoid injury and/or damage.

  3. The operational arc, size and weight of the gates required a reliable hinge solution. Hampden imported heavy-duty bearing hinges, which are rated to operate up to 4,000kg.

  4. Another area required Stainless Steel mesh and structure fencing, where Hampden designed and supplied a PS1.

We were really pleased with the work Hampden did for us,” explains Tim Strawbridge, Project Director, of Fosters Construction. “The project had a requirement for a large acoustic fence and automated gates - we struggled to find a company willing to look at this project for us due to the complexity. Hampden took care of the design, fabrication and installation of the large 800kg acoustic gates for the loading bay. The entire project was extremely well-executed from a time, quality and cost prospective. The ease in which these massive gates operate in what is a designated a high wind zone is testimony to the capability of the team at Hampden.
— TIM STRAWBRIDGE, Project Director