Waterview Connection Tunnel

Hampden Secures Major Transport Route


The Western Ring Route and Waterview Connection is the largest change to Auckland City’s roading development since the opening of the Harbour Bridge in 1959. Hampden Fence was engaged by Well-Connected Alliance to partner them on the 1.4 billion dollar project, securing almost five kilometres of new motorway and its connecting interchange with a variety of fences and gates. Well-Connected chose Hampden Fence because of its experience, expertise and proven capabilities to deliver on such a large-scale project.

Hampden Fence managed all aspects of the fencing and gates on 3 sections of the Waterview Connection project for us.
— Ashneel Lal - Project Engineer

Why choose Hampden Fence for your next large-scale infrastructure project:

Market-leading advice and consulting
Hampden assessed the unique requirements for the Waterview Connection and recommended the best methods, components and products based on our experience. The requirements varied throughout the site and Hampden was able to recommend the most suitable product for each area.

Wide range of fit-for-purpose solutions
Hampden’s vast collection of available fencing and gate solutions allowed us to use the most suitable product for its application and functionality needs. From 358 Anti-Climb Rigid Mesh, to panel fencing and custom-fabricated designs, every solution was considered and fit-for-purpose.

Custom fabrication
Hampden Fence fabricated a range of products for the project, providing tailored solutions where required that added greatly to the functionality and overall appearance of the fencing.

Proven experience
Hampden has some of the most experienced teams in the fencing industry and our resources and capabilities are second-to-none, which makes us the ideal partner for large scale, complex fencing projects like that of Waterview Connection.

Considerable resource and capabilities
With more than 45 years’ proven experience and reputation working on large-scale projects, Hampden has the necessary skills to undertake complex projects and ensure a quality finish.

Key products used:

North Section
Well-Connected Alliance approached Hampden for advice for the 2040 metres of fence line. Hampden worked closely with structural engineers to develop a number of design solutions: 358 Anti-climb Rigid Mesh fencing was installed and due to the sloping site, bolted to the sides and top of motorway barriers with custom fabricated posts. Panel fencing and ArmourBarb Palisade fencing was installed across the top of tunnel entrance to protect maintenance teams.

South Section
Pipe & Mesh Chainlink fencing linked the motorway barriers and noise walls to create a complete barrier along the 1979 metre stretch. Basalt rock made for challenging digging that required rock drilling in sections. Custom panels were fabricated over storm-water run-offs to keep the public safe.

Shared Pathway
Stretching 931 metres from Trent street to Harbutt Reserve, Pipe & Mesh Chainlink and Folded Panel fencing was installed between the shared pathway and railway. Exposed cliffs next to the shared pathway were blocked off to protect the public and timber fencing was used in some sections due to close proximity to railway power lines.

Custom Gates and Barriers
Secure gates were custom fabricated to block pedestrian access into restricted areas. Vehicle access gates were custom fabricated by Hampden Fence to allow access into restricted areas for maintenance teams. Public carparks were also fitted with custom fabricated gates that innovatively close onto themselves to form a single secure barrier to vehicle access after hours.

Custom Fabrication
Hampden Fence called on our considerable custom fabrication experience to help secure a number of unique aspects of the project, including sloping sites and on-ramps where pedestrians cannot safely access. Custom fabricated posts allowed for a wider selection of fencing products to be used across all zones of the project.