Top-Slider Gates

Hampden Fence offers custom fabricated top-slider gates, which can be built to seamlessly match your new, or existing security fencing solution.  We can also offer complementary gate automation and access control systems to help you better manage the access of vehicles and pedestrians in and out of your property.

Talk to us today about your custom top-slider gate requirements and we'll find you the perfect match for your property.

Is a top-slider gate right for your property?

Topsliders allow you to maximise overhead clearance as they offer no limitations to the width of openings. With no loss of headroom and offering full door height openings, Hampden Topsliders are less prone to damage and therefore offer a low-maintenance alternative to other traditional access doors and gates. Topsliders can seamlessly match with your existing cladding.

Custom-made for a perfect fit

Because no two sites are the same, all Hampden Fence gate solutions are custom-fabricated to suit each customers’ specific needs. Whether its a entrance vehicle access gate, or a simple pedestrian gate, Hampden can provide a range of options with varying degrees of automation or enhanced security features. Our experienced fabrication team has custom-made thousands of gates over the past 45 years, and the only real limit to what they can achieve is your imagination. Our gates can be fabricated to match your existing fence styles and we can arrange for a stylish finish to create a lasting first impression for visitors to your site.


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Ideal Application

  • Warehouses

  • Storage

  • Internal Security

  • Sensitive Goods Warehouses