358 Anti-climb

Rigid Mesh Fencing

358 anti-climb rigid mesh is a highly attractive, yet seriously secure fencing solution that is popular across a wide range of applications thanks to its excellent strength, erection simplicity, and intrusion resistant anti-climb properties. Proven in prison environments 358 anti-climb rigid mesh fencing is virtually impossible to climb, or break through.

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Exceptional Features and Benefits

Resistance to Vandalism: 358 anti-climb rigid mesh fencing has finger-resistant apertures combined with 4mm wire diameter provides a substantial barrier that is difficult to climb and penetrate. It is practically impossible to cut the wires on 358 using conventional bolt or wire-cutters.

Stability: Due to its rigidity and minimal wind resistance, 358 is very stable, making it ideal for use with electronic alarms and when strain tension on end anchors cannot be achieved such as roof tops and walkway protection.

Good Viewing Visibility: In spite of the small mesh aperture the see-through characteristics of 358 remain unimpaired when viewed head-on and even at an angle to the fence. This is particularly important for clear camera surveillance.

Durability: 358 offers low maintenance, long life protection. Hampden Fence offers a 5 Year Warranty on 358 anti-climb rigid mesh fencing.

Unique Double Vertical Design: 358 rigid mesh fencing is an outstanding deterrent to intruders, thanks to its superior design and inherent anti-climb properties. The unique Double Vertical design means 358 delivers significantly more strength, while retaining the ability to see through the product for effective visibility.

The unique Double Vertical design offers outstanding rigidity and low wind resistance, making it ideal to use with electronic detection systems and alarms. 

Galvanised After Fabrication: Unlike other anti-climb fencing products, 358 anti-climb rigid mesh fencing is galvanised after fabrication. This guarantees all welded joints are protected from exposure to moisture, effectively eliminating the chance of weld-point rust to occur, ensuring unparalleled product quality and enhanced longevity.

As well as being highly attractive visually, 358 anti-climb rigid mesh is imported in bulk order by our supplier, ensuring the product is also available at a very attractive price. 

Outstanding Versatility: 358 anti-climb mesh fencing is ideal for everything from high-security installations (prisons, military compounds and power facilities) through to high end-end architectural applications thanks to in style & strength, and superior anti-climb (yet visibility-friendly) properties. Depending on your requirements, 358 anti-climb rigid mesh fencing can be custom ordered to measure. Mesh panels can also be ordered in a black steel finish. 



  • 4mm wire spot welded at every intersection.

  • Horizontal aperture: 72.2mm, Vertical aperture: 8.7mm


  • Max Sheet Width: 2210mm, Oriented with Attack Face Narrow 72mm aperture on horizontal plane

  • Height: 2.4, 3.0, 3.6m in stock (other heights by indent)

  • Dimension tolerance: +/- 2.5mm

  • Squareness: +/- 2% of nominal panel size

  • Flatness: +/- 50mm clear of surface laid flat

  • Weight: 11.3kg/m2 


  • Hot dip galvanised to to AS / NZS 4680

  • Black non galvanised on indent

  • Powder coated to any colour (not in stock)

Lock Bolt/ Huck Bolt or with 358 clip
Alternative M8 Power Drive, one way reversible or Argus non-removable cre


358 Mesh 5 years manufacturers warranty (some conditions apply)


Ideal Application

  • Architectural: Stairwell enclosures, pedestrian bridge screens, protective screens

  • Retail: Shopping centres, carpark buildings

  • Correctional Facilities: Prisons, youth justice centres

  • Animal Enclosures: Zoos, dog pounds

  • Utilities: Power sub-stations, water treatment facilities

  • Educational Facilities:Schools, university campuses

  • Restricted Areas: Airports, goods delivery areas, motorway security

  • Recreational: Sports grounds, community centres

  • High Security Areas: Consulates, sensitive sites

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