Automated Retractable Bollards

We offer a range of bollards to help manage vehicle access on or around your property. Models are available to suit low security applications such as controlling traffic flow around a commercial site and preventing ram raids, right through to high security crash tested bollards suitable for hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM). Only the best quality products are supplied and installed.


Talk to us and we will work with you to identify the best bollards solution for your next project.

When retracted they are practically invisible, and when raised their sleek, architectural design complements most sites.

When deployed pedestrian access is barely affected, making them a popular option for crowded areas such as town squares, stadiums, embassies and the like.

Activation time is around 3s, though emergency-fast- operation is around 1.5s. Lowering time is typically 2s. These bollards can be rated to the M30 and M50 anti-terrorism standards, as described below.

We offer extensive New Zealand based after-sales support, technical back-up and comprehensive warranty cover.

Crash Tested (HVM) Retractable Bollards

Automated retractable bollards are becoming an increasingly popular access control solution for a wide range of specialist commercial and industrial applications. Hampden is proud to exclusively offer European made product to exacting EU & US standards using only the highest quality components to ensure exceptional performance and reliability. PAS68, ASTM F2656 and IWA 14-1

The HVM Crash Testing Standards:

British, American and World standards provide a rating system, PAS68, ASTM F2656 and IWA14-1 respectively which define the resilience of the Bollard or Barrier against vehicle attacks at a given mass and speed.

The more common is the M-designation, which was developed by ASTM International (formerly American Society for Testing and Materials). The two standards we will cover in this document are listed below:



This designation certifies that a 6,800kg truck travelling at 30mph (50km/h) will penetrate no further than 1m through the barrier.



This designation certifies that a 6,800kg truck travelling at 50mph (80km/h) will penetrate no further than 1m through the barrier.


Ideal Application

  • Prisons

  • Embassies

  • Consulates

  • Military institutions

  • Pedestrian walkways

  • Airports

  • Construction sites

  • Goods delivery areas

  • Warehouses

  • High security areas

  • Schools

  • Hospitals

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