Discrete hostile vehicle mitigation

Hostile vehicle mitigation (HMV) is an important part of anti terrorist infrastructure. Pop-up road blockers are a great option where space is limited. They range from simple ground mounted products that are portable, right through to crash proof barriers that are set into the concrete. Secure sites such as ports, embassies and detention centers are the ideal application for this discrete yet highly effective HMV product.

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Crash rated road blockers


High security Road Blockers offer the highest level of vehicle anti ramming protection. Engineered and designed to prevent unauthorised access of vehicles to a secured area, this equipment has been tested to withstand high speed impact from heavy goods vehicles. We only use product that has successfully passed crash test and certified according to ASTM F2656-07. Developed by engineers with extensive knowledge and experience within this field, this type of wedge barrier offers maximum security with installation simplicity, easy service, reliability, durability, and multi functionality. Due to the high security level required from this product, this series has been extensively tried and tested to ensure maximum performance and reliability during high intensity operations. Available in standard blocking widths of 2-4 meters, combinations of modules to suit variable driveway/road widths.



Pop-up Speedbumps are the most versatile in the vehicle blocker range. Installed above the ground they can be installed rapidly and even as a temporary solution. For a more permanent solution without the ramps the City Light Speedbump can be installed within a shallow pit. In the raised position they work like a regular wedge barrier and when lowered, they’re like a regular speed hump to slow traffic. They have built in hydraulics that can be operated remotely.

Path blockers


This type of equipment is designed to manage pedestrian friendly vehicle access control and does not require a deep installation. Depending on model type together with the foundation case and drainage pit, the installation depth is only 250 mm to 350 mm. This solution greatly simplifies the installation and service maintenance procedures. 


Ideal Application

  • Prisons

  • Military institutions

  • Embassies

  • Airports

  • Sensitive goods warehouses

Other Products from High Security Range

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