Tyre Spikes

Tire spikes are a versitile and cost effective way to control vehicle access to restricted areas. They are available in multiple configurations to suit your application: automated, spring loaded, one-way or two way. They can be surface mounted or recessed into the concrete for a flush finish.


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Automated Tire-killers


Automatic Tire-Killers are an economical and efficient solution for vehicle access control management. Available in a range of configurations this product can be surface mounted or within a shallow pit. Offering one or two directional driveway control and spikes of varied lengths. The diversity of options enables this traffic barrier to be widely applicable for a multitude of different applications. The built-in hydraulic unit makes this product suitable for installations in severe climate conditions, as well as for projects which require large distances (up to 100m) between the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and the blocking segment.

Mechanical Tire-Killers


Mechanical Tire-Killers are an ideal solution for vehicle access control when a power supply is unavailable. These can be spring loaded or levered. In the first case the spikes always remain raised and one direction free to pass. The lever operated tire killers provide three operation modes: spikes up and blocked to both directions, spikes down and blocked, spikes up and free to one direction. Available surface / above ground or submerged to ground level.


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Ideal Application

  • Ports

  • Airports

  • High security areas

  • Military + Police

  • Restricted areas