AmourBarb Razor Wire

sharper than sharp!

ArmourBarb Long Barb Razor Wire is New Zealand’s leading perimeter protection in sensitive or high security locations. Manufactured in New Zealand from quality metal tape and high tensile wire, ArmourBarb Razor Wire is highly versatile thanks to its durability and resistance to cutting. It acts as a strong visual and physical deterrent. Available in rings, coils or concertina.

What configuration should i use?

Rings are a strong deterrent and very flexible and cost effective. Because they are in-line with the fence or gate they do not need extra considerations around space.Ideal usages of ArmourBarb Rings include the top of gates, or bottom of security fencing. Both applications act as an additional deterrent to unlawful entry

Coils stretch out to cover 15 linear meters and take more consideration around fence design because they project out from the line of the fence. ArmourBarb Coils can be used atop security fencing or other fixed structures. This adds a significant visual and physical barrier to entry.

Concertina offers the highest security deterrent available. The clipping of the tape every 270 deg turn it into a multi-directional razor spring! A concertina will stretch out to 7.5 linear meters. Made from precision steel, and featuring double clipped rings ArmourBarb Concertina is durable and extremely difficult to defeat.


  • Stainless Steel: 304/2B finish

  • Galvanised Steel: High Tensile 550Mpa Galvabond, Z275 Coating.

  • Wire: High Tensile 25mm Aluminium/Zinc Wire, Breaking load 6060 N min.

  • Sizes: Diameter 450mm, 600mm, 750mm, 900mm

Installation and Safety 

In the interest of safety, ArmourBarb Razor Wire should only be installed by a trained and experienced installer. Hampden Fence advises that the failure to install these products within the listed guidelines, or failure to handle them with due care, could result in serious injury. No responsibility for damage or injury caused by misuse or mishandling of these products can be accepted by Hampden Fence Ltd.

Warning signs must be clearly displayed on all structures to which ArmourBarb is affixed. The signs must state: Danger – Property Protected by ArmourBarb. DO NOT touch or climb. ArmourBarb recommends that the supplied warning signs be fixed at 10m intervals along the running length of the fence


Ideal Application

  • Prisons

  • Military institutions

  • Laboratories

  • Chemical storage

  • Dangerous goods storage

  • Ammunition storage

  • Airports

  • Power sub stations

  • Rubbish disposal areas

  • Condemned/dangerous sites

  • Construction sites

  • Goods delivery areas

  • Warehouses

  • High security areas

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