ArmourFence Palisade - High Security Fencing

ArmourFence Palisade is a substantial perimeter defence system that is both versatile and cost-effective. Made in New Zealand to international standards, ArmourFence Palisade fencing is ideal for a range of applications where security and aesthetics cannot be compromised.

Seriously Secure Fencing


The curved finish of ArmourFence™ Palisade makes intrusion extremely difficult. The lack of any helpful projections or closely spaced horizontal rails, as easy climbing aids, also deter intruders. The open ‘D profile’ of Palisade pales resists bending in any direction. Its design deters cutting methods, dismantling or being forcefully deformed. 

  • High security - Resists cutting and ramming
  • Tamper proof - Special bolts and rivets cannot be removed
  • Strong - High quality steel for all components
  • Durable - Galvanised steel finish requires no maintenance

Stylish and Versatile

Highly versatile, ArmourFence Palisade fencing is available in a wide range of heights and materials to suit almost every terrain and security needs.

The team at Hampden Fence can manufacture individual ArmourFence components to site specific lengths.  Installations are able to ‘hug’ the contours of the ground while maintaining consistent security profile.

ArmourFence works in two ways for you. Firstly it’s a substantial deterrent to intruders, and secondly it also prevents persons leaving the premises should they wish to avoid approved legal means.

For additional security all ArmourFence Palisade profiles can be fitted with electrified wire, to really make intruders think twice about their actions.

A Choice of Configurations 

ArmourFence™ Palisade is available in a range of pale configurations. Spearhead profiles are predominantly used in commercial or light industrial applications & the Trident profile significantly increases the deterrent level again. The use of electric wires takes the total security of ArmourFence™ Palisade to a whole new level.

The use of electric wires takes the total security of ArmourFence Palisade to a whole new level.


'W' Pale Profile

With a robust, low maintenance galvanised steel finish, our W-shaped pales are available in a standard height of 1950mm. They are also very easy to install by bolting pales together using anti-tamper security bolts or huck bolts.

By importing the new W pale profile in bulk, as a true 'kitset' product, Hampden Fence is able to offer this new product at extremely competitive rates.

Attractive and durable, ArmourFence Palisade fencing will enhance the style and security of any environment.

Standard manufactured heights are 1.8m, 2m, 2.4m, 2.7m and 3m. Longer pales, to cover a small depression and slopes of up to 45 degrees can be catered for in the construction process.

Fence HeightPost SHS SectionPale ThicknessRails-angle sectionABCDEFRails
D PALE*2-RAIL1800mm65x65x33mm50x50x51400mm1800mm250mm800mm2600mm2
W PALE*2-RAIL1950mm65x65x32.5mm50x50x51500mm1950mm250mm800mm2700mm2
*D Pale is Hot Dip Galvanised. *W Pale is Pre Galvanised.


Materials: ArmourFence is available. 3mm steel hot dip galvanised - by far the strongest, it will withstand ramming from a 4 wheel drive vehicle. For extra corrosion resistance in virtually any environment this product is hot dip galvanised.


Standard fence heights: 1.8m, 2m, 2.4m, 2.7m and 3m.

Ground contours: AromourFence Palisade can cope with undulating ground conditions and slopes. Longer pales, to cover small depression slopes of up to 45 degrees, can be catered for in the construction process.

Electric wires: Electric wires can be included with most of the ArmourFence Palisade configurations.

Fixings: Tamper-proof, cannot be removed. Palisade fixed to rails with Huck bolts, rails fixed to posts with bolts and sheer nuts. This is the most secure method available. See Tamper Proof Fasteners for other fixing options.


Ideal Applications

  • Commercial properties
  • At-risk industrial sites
  • Electricity sub-stations
  • Sports grounds
  • Police stations
  • Ports
  • Car and boat yards
  • Motorway security fencing
  • Storage facilities
  • High security areas
  • Rail stations / shunting yards