Expamet Expanded Metal Mesh

 Expamet ‘Expanded Metal’ Mesh as the name implies is a single sheet of mesh produced when a flat base metal plate is simultaneously sheared and stretched into diamond shaped strands and left intact at the knuckles. These are set at uniform angels to add strength and rigidity to the finished product. Talk to us today to see if Expamet expanded mesh is right for your property.

Exceptional Strength and Security

Expamet expanded metal mesh.png

The Expamet expanded metal process takes regular steel and expands it into a diamond pattern, making it stronger, lighter, more rigid and more economic than it was before. 

Tough, unyielding and cost-effective, Expamet sets the standard in expanded metal security fencing solutions. Hampden Fence works with two of the leading providers of Expamet expanded metal mesh in Australasia:  Webforge and Locker Group.

The Proven Performance of Expanded Metal Mesh

Expanded metal is one continuous single sheet of mesh produced when a flat metal plate is sheared and stretched but is left intact at the 'knuckles'. It is available in a variety of thicknesses with differing sizes and designs of the apertures.

A Highly Rigid, Strong Solution

The strands and knuckles are set at a uniform angle to the plane of the sheet. This adds strength and rigidity and distributes the load to the supporting frames. Because there are no welds or joins it operates as a structural member that distributes loads evenly over a wide area.

Anti-Climb Performance with Good Visibility

The high strength to weight ratio makes it suitable for many industrial and high-security applications. No loose strands or welds means minimal deterioration from constant exposure or movement. A further feature is the provision of an excellent anti-climb surface, making it perfect for prison environments.  The open nature of the product provides good visibility through the mesh as well as the easy passage of air and sound whilst ensuring security and protection.

Excellent anti-slip properties also makes Expamet suitable for ramps (e.g. inclined walkways adjacent to conveyors), platforms and stair treads in commercial sites with an industrial / architectural influence. 

Hampden Fence works with two of the leading providers of Expamet expanded metal mesh in Australasia:  Webforge and Locker Group:

Webforge SM3050MRU Expamet Expanded Metal Mesh

The SM3050MRU profile in the expanded metal range is extensively used for prison fencing. The product has been created to prevent grip and hence making it extremely difficult to climb over. The inbuilt strength of the SM3050MRU makes it the number one mesh for security in any condition since it is produced from one single sheet and cannot be bent or broken easily. 

The SM3050MRU is a special product and is not stocked, this product is manufactured to meet customer requirements with equipment of high quality. 

Webforge - SM3050MRU Mesh Dimensions
Finished Sheet Size 4000mm (swm) x 1820 (lwm) others avaliable on request
Diamond Size16mm (swm) x 38mm (lwm)
Strand Width5mm
Material FeedAS/NZS 1594.AS/NZS 1734
Manufacturing AS 1657
Galvanizing AS/NZS 4680
Mass14.72 kg/sq.mt
Tolerances of Sheet
SWM dimension (WI)+50mm
LWM dimension (S) +10mm
Manufacturing +/- 10%
Galvanizing Add 7% to weight
Standard Sheet Sizes mm
Mesh Height m10.0
% Open Area38.0%

Locker Group HV030 Expanded Metal Mesh

Tough, unyielding and cost-effective, Locker Group HV030 Expamet sets the standard in expanded metal solutions.

Locker Group - Security & Fencing Mesh
Sheet Sizes LW 1800mm
Sheet Sizes SWUp To 5500mm
Nominal Size Mesh LWM38mm
Nominal Size Mesh SWM15mm
Approx Strand Size width 5mm
Approx Strand Size thick 3mm
Weight Kg/m214.1
Overall Height9.0mm

Talk to Hampden Fence today about using Expamet expanded metal mesh on your next high-security fencing project.


Ideal Applications

  • Prisons
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Detention Centres
  • Court Houses
  • High Risk Sites
  • Inclined Walkways, Ramps
  • Industrial Sites
  • Architecturally Designed Sites
  • Airports and Ports
  • Hazardous Goods Sites