Bayfair Countdown Shopping Centre Expansion

Bayfair Countdown Shopping Centre Expansion

Hampden was initially approached by Architects Woodhams Meikle Zhan (WMZ) alongside structural engineers Beca in 2017 to consult and design large acoustic gates for the project. Hampden then fabricated and installed the gates for Foster Construction, who were winners of the Westpac Waikato business awards in 2017.

Hampden, with its experience with bespoke ‘engineered solutions’, was given the task of supplying a complete solution that would meet the operational demands of the customer on an extremely challenging site.

Services offered / Solutions / Why Chosen

  1. Hampden collaborated on the project with architects and engineers over 12 months, perfecting the design before fabrication commenced in 2018. When faced with meeting exacting containment criteria, Hampden’s extensive knowledge and experience gained from its involvement in 11 major prisons developments and several smaller prison enhancement projects, has proven to be invaluable to the design team and the client.

  2. The unique design required custom fabrication. Hampden had at hand the ability to produce the detailed shop draws needed.

  3. To Hampden, each component of the final structure must play its part. Knowing what works and what doesn’t is crucial in delivering a long-term solution for the Client.

  4. Over the years Hampden has developed strong relationships with all its key suppliers, providing confidence in the quality of the finished product.


Key project facts

  1. $350,000 Contract Value

  2. Being the entry and exit loading dock for a large supply chain store, it was critical for the large automated gates to perform reliably in all conditions, and to open up to more than 90 degrees to allow enough room for trucks to have easy access.

  3. Due to the site’s proximity to the ocean, the automation and hinges, in particular, needed to be robust enough to handle any environmental extremes that might be thrown at the gates.

  4. While being suitable for the environmental conditions, the gates also formed part of the perimeter fencing. This required them to be both an acoustic and a visual barrier.

Scope and Products used

  1. Heavy Duty DAAB operators (imported from Sweden) were used in conjunction with customised bracketry. Due to their high operational ratings and proven performance in prison environments, these operators can withstand the expected high wind loading.

  2. As the finished weight of a gates was expected to be more than 850kg, additional features such as Photocells and Wireless safety edges were incorporated in the gates as a safety precaution to avoid injury and/or damage.

  3. The operational arc, size and weight of the gates required a reliable hinge solution. Hampden imported heavy-duty bearing hinges, which are rated to operate up to 4,000kg.

  4. Another area required Stainless Steel mesh and structure fencing, where Hampden designed and supplied a PS1.

We were really pleased with the work Hampden did for us,” explains Tim Strawbridge, Project Director, of Fosters Construction. “The project had a requirement for a large acoustic fence and automated gates - we struggled to find a company willing to look at this project for us due to the complexity. Hampden took care of the design, fabrication and installation of the large 800kg acoustic gates for the loading bay. The entire project was extremely well-executed from a time, quality and cost prospective. The ease in which these massive gates operate in what is a designated a high wind zone is testimony to the capability of the team at Hampden.
— TIM STRAWBRIDGE, Project Director

High-End Fiji Sports Facility

Hampden Installs Perimeter Security for High-End Fiji Sports Facility

At Hampden, we are always prepared to go the extra mile. So when artificial turf specialists, SportsWorx, contacted Hampden about a top-level sports field in Fiji they were scheduled to start work on, we were keen to be involved.
With its state-of-the-art synthetic turf, the new venue would need effective purpose-designed perimeter security. As Hampden has 48 years as New Zealand’s number one high security experts, a proven track record in design and technical expertise, the ability to deliver on time and on budget, and a “can do” attitude, we were a logical strategic partner for SportsWorx.

A World-Class Sportsground

An hour’s drive from Suva takes you to Pacific Harbour, which is known as Fiji’s ‘Adventure Capital’. Here, you’ll find the award-winning Uprising Beach Resort, which is where this world-class sports ground is being constructed. But this isn’t just anysportsground – it will be an international field that will be accredited to World Rugby and FIFA Standards and will host teams from around the globe.

An Effective Fence and Gate Solution

As the venue is to be a world-class facility, it needs an effective fence and gate solution to control access to the public and the comings and goings of sports teams and spectators.

The Scope

Hampden designed and manufactured a three-metre high Pipe and Mesh Chainlink fence. With a total length of 408 metres, it will have three pedestrian gates and one maintenance/vehicle gate providing access to the field’s outer limits.

Hampden Team Making Good Progress

To meet the tight schedule Hampden shipped all materials to Fiji over Christmas and then dispatched an Installation Team mid-January. At the time of writing, the team was making good progress despite the unpredictable hot and rainy tropical weather. The fence installation is due to be completed by mid-February. Once the field is secure, Sportsworx will be able to complete their scope of work, and local and international teams can then enjoy what is sure to be a fantastic World-Class facility.

New Zealand’s First SUPERMAX Prison

Hampden takes on New Zealand’s first SUPERMAX prison project


Early on in the project Fletcher Construction approached Hampden to work with the design team on the new SUPERMAX prison at Paremoremo. The team comprised of Fletchers, Jacobs Security, Mode Architects and BECA and the mandate was to design an effective containment solution for not only the secure perimeter but also several areas within the high security facility.  

Services Offered / Solutions / Why Chosen

  • Hampden’s involvement began almost 2 years before construction commenced with consulting and design advice. Detailing specifications, samples, drawings, renders and configurations to suit the exacting needs of the client. 

  • Hampden’s extensive knowledge and experience built upon its involvement in 11 major prisons developments as well as several smaller prison enhancement projects has proven to be invaluable to the design team and in the end the client when faced with meeting exacting containment criteria.

  • Hampden’s ability to deliver tailored integrated solutions and to bring them through from concept to completion makes us the “go-to” option when it comes to design, product selection and the build itself. 

  • Hampden installation team worked closely with multiple other trades on site to get the job done while our designated project team made this an accurate and efficiently project managed from start to finish.

  • With the inevitable change in scope Hampden’s in-house resources was able to meet these challenges in a timely and cost effective way helping to keep the overall project on track. 

  • Health & Safety was paramount, especially when installing over 4km of Concertina Razor Wire up to a height of 3.6m. Hampden had the well-considered methodologies as well as internationally sourced and certified PPE to keep its people safe. Hampden is proud it had no lost time incidents during installation which is a testament to the way we lead in the area of Health & Safety.

Key project facts:

  • $3.5M Contract Value

  • Project length of over 4 years

  • Expected lifespan 50+ years

  • First SUPERMAX (maximum high security) Prison in NZ

  • Beds 260

  • Resource peaked several times during construction requiring Hampden to dedicate up to 16 personnel at any one time

  • Shop drawings produced for sign-off before all fabrication was done in-house by our experienced and certified team.

Scope and products used:

  • Anticlimb Drums: nearly 1km of 900mm diameter spiral ducts were installed as a continuous Anti-climb barrier to the top of the precast perimeter wall at various heights ranging from 4m to 7.5m.

  • Internal Management Fence: A combined Chainlink and Concertina Razor Wire fence to deter and contain even the most determined prisoners.  

  • East-West Link: A 4m high Expanded Mesh (Anti-climb) with an anti-dig concrete strip and a 4.3m high Sensor Fence forms an effective secure link between the two prison wings.

  • Privacy Screens: specifically intended to create a visual barrier between accommodation wings and prevent communication and planned attacks.  

  • Wing locks: assembly cages specifically designed for Riot Squad’s deployment in case of an emergency. 

  • Custom louvres: 100% visual barrier while allowing airflow to the corridors. 

  • Various other custom enclosures, fences and gates to suit high security requirements

Ports of Auckland

As New Zealand's leading high-security fencing, gates, and automation solutions provider, Hampden Fence should be your first point of contact for a tailored high-security package for your property.


Ports of Auckland have undertaken a trail to automate container movement from storage to the trucks that move them around the country. Automation is great for safety and efficiency but comes with its own set of challenges. Hampden worked with the PoA team to specify, design and install a full turn-key solution that would separate people and trucks from the automated container hoists. The key considerations were safety and efficiency. When you expect to move 500+ containers per day a few minutes worth of time savings per container is a big deal.

Included in the installation were the following products:

  • 100% duty cycle high-speed barrier arms fitted with safety skirts

  • Swing gate automation

  • Palisade swing gates with integrated magnetic locks

  • ArmourFence Palisade fencing

  • Chainlink mesh

  • Aluminium cantilever security gate

For more details on this project or the products used.

Mt Eden Correctional Facility

Auckland Custody Unit - High Security Fencing


Located in central Auckland, Mt Eden Correctional Facility recently constructed a new building, the Police Custody Unit, designed to accommodate detainees. As New Zealand’s most experienced high security fence and gate company, Hampden Fence was engaged to fulfil the exacting high security requirements stipulated by the Corrections Department. Updates were undertaken while the main prison building remained operational.

Who do Arrow International call when it has a challenging project that demands a custom solution? Hampden Fence, as Rhys McKenzie, Project Manager for Arrow International says, “We’ve had a long association with Hampden Fence over the years and they always exceed expectations. High security fencing and gates systems in a high-risk environment need to be fit-for-purpose. There can be no mistakes. Hampden Fence always delivers.” With more than 12 prison projects successfully completed around New Zealand, Hampden Fence can offer the expertise needed to deliver on the most complex high security projects.

Key project facts:

  • Expamet Expanded Metal high security fencing and double swing gates: 7m wide x 4m high / 6m wide x 4m high

  • ArmourFence™ Palisade fence: 2.5m high

  • ArmourFence Palisade cantilever sliding gate system: 4.5m wide x 2.5m high

  • Pipe & Mesh Chainlink high security fence and gate forming a bail chute with roof, including several swing gates

  • Heavy duty articulated arm system added to existing large vehicle security gates

  • Various other high security fence modifications to suit new site layout

Why choose Hampden Fence for your next high security project:

Finding a better way through design options:

Hampden took a close look at the unique requirements for the Auckland Custodial Unit during the design phase and recommended the best methods, components and products based on our experience.

Knowing the products:

Hampden offered accurate solutions and ‘fit-for-purpose’ products that would achieve the appropriate result required for the Department of Corrections. The requirements varied throughout the site, and Hampden was able to recommend the most suitable product for each area.

Making it specifically for you with custom fabrication:

Hampden custom-fabricated a wide range of gates for the site including, large complex gates that needed to perform under high wind loads. Each set of gates were fabricated using the most suitable product for their application and functionality needs. This included ArmourFence Palisade, 358 Expanded Metal Mesh and Pipe & Mesh.

Getting it right from start to finish with our construction skills:

With proven experience and reputation of high security projects, Hampden has the necessary skills to undertake complex projects and ensure a quality finish. Our fabrication team is experienced, qualified and able to meet the demands of complex requirements.

Powerful partnering with supply chain relationships:

With our supply chain and construction industry relationships, Hampden offers some of the best products in the market for high security solutions. 

Solutions provided by Hampden Fence:

Swing Gates – Expamet Expanded Metal Mesh

Expamet is a preferred choice for many prison environments. Not surprisingly, it was used on this site for its anti-climb and durable qualities. Accommodating access for large vehicles meant the gates had to be considerable in size and subsequently heavy duty to allow for regular use.

Cantilever Gate – Armour Fence Palisade

Armour Fence™ Palisade is a robust system and superior high security product that is versatile, cost-effective and has great high security qualities. The three prongs at the top of each Palisade deters intruders and controls access in and out of the property. This product was used on this project as practical vehicle and personnel control.


The challenge of specifying fit-for-purpose actuators to automate the main entry into the custodial unit (within the prison perimeter) was met by purpose-built heavy-duty actuators that have a 100% duty cycle and can accommodate the significant wind loading caused by the size and limiting open area of 35%.

Pipe and Mesh Chainlink

This product was used to create a bail chute for the transfer of criminals, although with lower security properties it serves its purpose as a containment walkway.

Watershed Consultancy - School Fencing

Watershed Consultancy - Fencing and Gate Solutions


Watershed is a privately-owned, multi-disciplined consultancy that specialises in providing advice, support and services to the aquatics, recreation and education sectors across New Zealand. Watershed’s considerable experience with school property management, and its close work with the Ministry of Education, has seen it build a rich understanding of day-to-day property-related issues that schools are faced with every day. A key issue is property high security and this starts with robust and secure school fencing and gates.

No substitute for experience in school fencing

Watershed brings a wealth of knowledge to each school fencing project it manages. Its calls on the proven performance of more than 20 successfully completed school fencing projects since 2006 to help guide its clients into the most suitable solution for its property. This ensures Watershed consistently makes good on its promise to ‘help deliver the best quality outcome for each property.’

Fit-for-purpose school fencing and gates

When it comes to finding the very best fence and gate solutions for its clients, Watershed consistently turns to the team at Hampden Fence as the best source of high-performance school fencing products that never compromise on high security and style. 

“We have worked with Hampden Fence at a number of schools and find them easy and accommodating to work with. They have shown their ability to think outside the square and manufacture solutions that fit both ours and our clients’ requirements,” says Dayle Franklyn, Project and Property Consultant at Watershed.

A wide range of options to suit any school

Whether it’s high-strength Wrought Iron fencing, folded panel fencing or custom-fabricated steel and aluminium fencing, Hampden Fence offers a comprehensive range school fencing products that suit almost any education facility. Pedestrian and vehicle access gates to match each fence style are also available, with or without automation and access control.

New Zealand’s largest and most competent fencing company

Hampden has one of the most experienced teams in the fencing industry, and its specialist knowledge and capabilities are second to none, which makes it the ideal partner for school fence and gate projects.

“Hampden Fence has an excellent understanding of the unique nature and specific requirements of school projects, having completed a vast number of educational fence and gate solutions over the past 40 years. We have experienced project management and installation teams that offer a genuine end-to-end service, from the initial design and planning stage, through to custom fabrication and installation management. We also offer marketing leading after-sales support and back-up with our 10-year Post-to-Post promise.”
— Kristian Baldwin, Managing Director

Waterview Connection Tunnel

Hampden Secures Major Transport Route


The Western Ring Route and Waterview Connection is the largest change to Auckland City’s roading development since the opening of the Harbour Bridge in 1959. Hampden Fence was engaged by Well-Connected Alliance to partner them on the 1.4 billion dollar project, securing almost five kilometres of new motorway and its connecting interchange with a variety of fences and gates. Well-Connected chose Hampden Fence because of its experience, expertise and proven capabilities to deliver on such a large-scale project.

Hampden Fence managed all aspects of the fencing and gates on 3 sections of the Waterview Connection project for us.
— Ashneel Lal - Project Engineer

Why choose Hampden Fence for your next large-scale infrastructure project:

Market-leading advice and consulting
Hampden assessed the unique requirements for the Waterview Connection and recommended the best methods, components and products based on our experience. The requirements varied throughout the site and Hampden was able to recommend the most suitable product for each area.

Wide range of fit-for-purpose solutions
Hampden’s vast collection of available fencing and gate solutions allowed us to use the most suitable product for its application and functionality needs. From 358 Anti-Climb Rigid Mesh, to panel fencing and custom-fabricated designs, every solution was considered and fit-for-purpose.

Custom fabrication
Hampden Fence fabricated a range of products for the project, providing tailored solutions where required that added greatly to the functionality and overall appearance of the fencing.

Proven experience
Hampden has some of the most experienced teams in the fencing industry and our resources and capabilities are second-to-none, which makes us the ideal partner for large scale, complex fencing projects like that of Waterview Connection.

Considerable resource and capabilities
With more than 45 years’ proven experience and reputation working on large-scale projects, Hampden has the necessary skills to undertake complex projects and ensure a quality finish.

Key products used:

North Section
Well-Connected Alliance approached Hampden for advice for the 2040 metres of fence line. Hampden worked closely with structural engineers to develop a number of design solutions: 358 Anti-climb Rigid Mesh fencing was installed and due to the sloping site, bolted to the sides and top of motorway barriers with custom fabricated posts. Panel fencing and ArmourBarb Palisade fencing was installed across the top of tunnel entrance to protect maintenance teams.

South Section
Pipe & Mesh Chainlink fencing linked the motorway barriers and noise walls to create a complete barrier along the 1979 metre stretch. Basalt rock made for challenging digging that required rock drilling in sections. Custom panels were fabricated over storm-water run-offs to keep the public safe.

Shared Pathway
Stretching 931 metres from Trent street to Harbutt Reserve, Pipe & Mesh Chainlink and Folded Panel fencing was installed between the shared pathway and railway. Exposed cliffs next to the shared pathway were blocked off to protect the public and timber fencing was used in some sections due to close proximity to railway power lines.

Custom Gates and Barriers
Secure gates were custom fabricated to block pedestrian access into restricted areas. Vehicle access gates were custom fabricated by Hampden Fence to allow access into restricted areas for maintenance teams. Public carparks were also fitted with custom fabricated gates that innovatively close onto themselves to form a single secure barrier to vehicle access after hours.

Custom Fabrication
Hampden Fence called on our considerable custom fabrication experience to help secure a number of unique aspects of the project, including sloping sites and on-ramps where pedestrians cannot safely access. Custom fabricated posts allowed for a wider selection of fencing products to be used across all zones of the project.

Premium Industrial Complex

Premium Industrial Complex

This premium industrial complex completed in July 2016, by Arrow International, was built for freight and logistics, wholesale trade, import/export, manufacturing and assembly, and food manufacturing businesses looking for an area to lease close to the airport district.


Hampden Fence installed 507m of 2.4m high Pipe & Mesh Chainlink Fencing with top and bottom rails, powder-coated with fusion bonded mesh high security fencing around the entire perimeter of the site.

As well as the high security fencing, Hampden also installed a custom fabricated steel sliding gate with hot-dipped galvanised, black powder-coated finish to seamlessly integrate into the overall style of the rest of the high security fencing. The gate was automated with a heavy-duty 100% duty Cycle high-speed gear motor to ensure a secure, yet convenient access to the site for tenants.

Classified High Security Facility

As New Zealand's leading high security fencing, gates, and automation solutions provider, Hampden Fence should be your first point of contact for a tailored high security package for your property.


When Wilson+Hurst was engaged to provide a 'next-level' high security solution for a classified site, it turned to Hampden Fence for the expert advice, market-leading products and installation experience to deliver a fit-for-purpose package to meet the unique needs of the site.

Included in the installation were the following high security solutions:

  • Spike Pressed Steel Panel Fencing

  • HotFence Electric High Security Fencing

  • Custom Fabricated Cantilever Gates

  • Industrial 100% duty cycle Gate Automation

  • 358 Anti-Climb Rigid Mesh

  • Automatic Retractable Bollards / Concrete-filled Static Bollards

  • UPS Battery Back-up to ensure all equipment would work in the event of power failure.

High Security Facility


When Wilson Hurst was engaged by a new client to secure its new facility to the very highest levels possible, they turned to high security specialist Hampden Fence to tackle the project. Hampden Fence provided a range of fit-for-purpose high security solutions that were installed across the property, resulting in one of the most discreet and secure facilities in New Zealand.

Specialist commercial architects Catalyst Consulting recommended Hampden Fence be involved early due to its high security expertise and strong relationship developed while working on other projects across the North Island.

Wilson+Hurst works with Hampden Fence because they offer highly specialised knowledge and equipment to assist us with testing and difficult requirements. Their in-depth knowledge is invaluable for these kinds of specialist high security projects. They understand what is required to address the unique security challenges that high security sites present, and we are able to rely on their experience and expertise to deliver the right products for each challenge.
— Vaughan Wilson - Director

Key products used:

358 Anti-climb Rigid Mesh Screens

358 Anti-climb Rigid Mesh is often used in many high security applications, not just a component for fencing. In this project, it serves as a protection barrier to the windows and doors. The 358 sheet provides a seriously secure barrier with impenetrable qualities, while still permitting a good level of visibility and allowing natural light into the warehouse.

Retractable & Static Bollards

For effective high security vehicle control, automated hydraulic retractable bollards were positioned in the entry and exit locations together with concrete filled static bollards. Built for performance, the retractable bollards are also fast with a descent time of just 7 sec and rise time of just 5 seconds.

Spike Panel Fencing and HotFence Electric High Security Fencing

Offering an imposing look and secure front entrance, the Spike Panel Fence is a fit for purpose design for this site. We installed electric high security fence and gates to the perimeter, then integrated these into a high security and alarm system. By separating these into zones we were able to provide a fully monitored high security system that offers a targeted response in the event of a break in.

Cantilever Automated gates

Two large custom Cantilever Sliding Gate Systems ensured robust security of the entrances. Heavy duty high speed motors provided both the performance and reliability required on this demanding site. Gates featured high security spikes and HotFence electric fencing for added deterrence.

Other Solutions

A UPS battery back-up was provided to guarantee that all equipment would continue to operate in the event of power failure. All civil work, concrete foundations and tree work was arranged by Hampden to provide an overall package and ensure a smooth project delivery.

Brightstar Logistics

Brightstar Logistics

Hampden is a specialist in high security fencing, gates, and automation solutions and and expert in helping deliver tailored high security packages that meet the specific needs of property owners. 

hampden_ brightstar_logistics_logo.jpg

Hampden recently helped to deliver a tailored high security installation at Brightstar Logistics in Mt Wellington, Auckland. This tailored package included 358 Anti-Climb Rigid Mesh panels with sharks-tooth spikes for additional deterrence, ArmourFence Palisade fencing with ArmourBarb Razorwire ribbons, Palisade Gates with Gate Automation, and concrete-filled static bollards to restrict the access of vehicles into selected areas on site.  

St Mary's School

St Mary's School & Pre-School


Watershed NZ needed a robust fencing solution for St Mary's School that was 'high on security and safety, without sacrificing style'.


Hampden Fence installed powder-coated folded panel fence and gates to give a tailored, professional appearance.

Highly versatile and built to last, Folded Panel Fencing is lifted to another level in style with powder-coating. A wide range of powder-coating colour options allows the installed fencing and gates to effortlessly match the existing colour schemes of the school. 

Fall-arrest cables were attached to all swing gates installed across the school campus to provide added safety and high security.

Recently introduced by Hampden as a new safety enhancement to all installed swing gates, these simple, yet highly-effective fall arrest cables ensure that, should the gate become damaged and hinges fail, the gate is unable to ultimately fall causing further damage to property, or injury to pupils or staff of the school.

Waiuku Primary School

Perimeter Security Fencing

Hampden was engaged by Waiuku Primary School and main contractor Greenstone Group to help improve the perimeter security of the school grounds and sports fields. 


With considerable experience in school fencing projects, Hampden brought the following proven solutions to the table:

  • 470m (approx.) of Chief Panel Fencing with various vehicle and pedestrian gate solutions

  • 235m (approx.) of Pipe & Mesh Chainlink fencing and matching gates

Unique Challenges Of School Sites

School fencing projects bring a set of unique challenges due to their location and the presence of children, staff and parents throughout the school day:

  • Restricted delivery hours

  • Health & Safety considerations due to the presence of school children

  • Neighbouring property owners objecting to the fencing

  • Vegetation that needed to be cleared prior to work commencing

Another Satisfied Customer

The Waiuku Primary School project ran smoothly, both on time and on budget, and without any notable incidents.  The end result… another happy customer and a secure school.

Sistema Building

Mesh Barrier and Chainlink Fencing

Global plastics giant, Sistema, recently built a 200,000 square foot global manufacturing and distribution centre in Mangere, Auckland - effectively keeping its operations here in New Zealand.


In one sector of the warehouse, world-leaders in shelving and storage systems Dexion has built a $16m bespoke floor to ceiling racking solution for Sistema across 5 large bays. Between bays are floor-to-ceiling picking cranes that move at 4m per second to keep up with global demand for the product. With automated heavy machinery moving at such pace, ensuring the Sistema team is not in the wrong place at the wrong time, and collected by a crane with tragic consequences, is paramount.

Dexion called on Hampden to help secure its installation. Hampden used 436m of 2.3m high welded mesh panels large panels fitted to the back of the racking to create a barrier between the crane aisles. Hampden also installed 218m of 2.1m high Pipe & Mesh Chainlink fencing (with top rail) around the entire perimeter of the storage bay, which ensures staff cannot accidentally enter from the sides. This means only authorised staff can enter through secure entry at each end, which disables the crane in that bay. 

Nga Iwi School

Fence Upgrade

Nga Iwi Primary School were in need of a new fence. Watershed Property, Projects & Aquatics Consultancy, the school’s grounds manager, contracted Hampden for the project as they knew Hampden


were able to keep to the high spec and regulation that schools expect.

Hampden removed the existing fence and replaced it with 56m of 1.8m high Wrought Iron fencing with hot-dipped galvanised finish. The fence has two access gates: one for pedestrians, the other for vehicles. 

St Dominic's Catholic Primary School

St Dominic's School


Hampden was recently asked to provide high-quality folded panel fencing and gates for an upgrade to selected areas of St Dominic's Catholic School in Auckland's Blockhouse Bay.


The new Folded Panel Fencing seamlessly blended in to existing panel fencing across the school, ensuring the overall aesthetics of the site were maintained. New vehicle and pedestrian access gates were installed to help control traffic flow in key areas, ensuring the safety of pupils, staff and visitors alike.

Sistema Global Distribution Center Safety Fencing

Sistema Global Distribution Center


Sistema is a genuine modern-day New Zealand success story. From humble beginnings in a garage like many other New Zealand start-ups, to some 30 years later where it is now exported to 82 countries around the world and counts its customers in the millions. The Sistema team is very proud of its success, almost as much as it is of it's new state-of-the-art 200,000 square foot manufacturing plant and distribution centre, recently built right here in Auckland.

The Customer

In one sector of the warehouse, world-leaders in shelving and storage systems Dexion have built a $16m bespoke floor-to-ceiling racking solution for Sistema across 5 large bays. Between bays are floor-to-ceiling picking cranes that move at 4m per second to keep up with global demand for the product. With automated heavy machinery moving at such pace, ensuring the Sistema team is not in the wrong place at the wrong time, and collected by a crane with tragic consequences, is paramount.

The Solution

Dexion called on long-standing high security and safety fencing partner Hampden Fence to help secure its installation. Hampden used 436m of 2.3m high Welded Mesh fitted to the back of the racking to create a barrier between crane aisles to make it impossible for staff to move between rows from within any of the bays. However, large apertures allow for excellent visibility throughout the installation. Furthermore, around the entire outside perimeter of the storage installation, Hampden installed 218m of 2.1m-high Pipe & Mesh Chainlink Fencing with Top Rail which ensures staff cannot accidentally enter from the sides. This means only authorised staff can enter through secure entry at each end, which disables the crane in that bay.

Key products used:

  • 436m of 2.3m high Welded Mesh (100x100x6mm) 

  • 218m of 2.1m high Pipe & Mesh Chainlink Fencing with Top Rail

Building Rich, Lasting Relationships

Bob Keenan, Project Manager for Dexion, was once again impressed by the professionalism and efficiency of the Hampden team across the project. “The Hampden team were required to attend site on 6 occasions over a two-month installation window, and were able to complete each phase of work on time ensuring our commissioning continued on schedule”, he explains. “Dexion always get a great outcome when we use Hampden because they have good guys with excellent skills. It’s great we can count on that reliability on a large project of this scale”, he adds.

New Zealand’s Largest & Most Competent

Hampden has some of the most experienced teams in the fencing industry, and its resources and capabilities are second-to-none, which makes it the ideal partner for large scale, complex high security fencing projects like that of Sistema. “We offer a true end-to-end service with excellent planning and design support, high-quality fabrication services and exceptional installation management”, says Kristian Baldwin, General Manager at Hampden Fence. “This all wraps up into our Hampden 10-Year Post-to-Post Promise, which extends well beyond the sale and installation period with market-leading after sales support as required”, he adds.

Alfriston School

Alfriston School

Hampden has a comprehensive range of school fencing and gate products, and one of our safest and most robust solutions is custom Wrought Iron panel fencing.


The staff and visitor carpark at Alfriston School is tucked away, just to the side of the main school entrance, on a very busy main road. This road sees high-volumes of traffic, including dairy trucks and other service vehicles. Wrought Iron fencing helps to ensure the safety of those using the carpark, should any vehicle have an accident and leave the road. Added high security features such as Spearhead spikes also help to provide added security to the carpark area, which is largely out of direct sight of the main office buildings.

Hobsonville Rd Subdivision

As New Zealand's leading high security fencing, gates and automation solutions provider, Hampden Fence should be your first point of contact for a tailored high security package for your property.

Subdivision of rural land into residential lots has seen Auckland spread quickly. Hampden has been involved in the early stage civil works to fence off walkways and retaining walls to ensure that the lots are sold to the group home builders in a compliant state.

Included in the installation were the following products:

  • Folded panel fencing

  • Rakable steel balustrade compliant fencing

  • Bridge railing

  • Chain link mesh fencing

Auckland Zoo - Exotic Bird

Exotic Bird Holding Area

Bespoke animal enclosures using custom fabricated steel fencing and specialist bird netting.

In 2015 Hampden Fence was re-approached by the team at Auckland Zoo to assist with another specialist animal enclosure project: the fabrication and installation of an exotic bird holding area within the new exotic bird aviaries.


Hampden was engaged to fabricate the steelwork for the enclosure using its in-house fabrication capabilities, which the Zoo has used extensively on previous other projects.

Hampden had regular contact with main contractor, Q Construction, the Zoo and its keepers to detail the design as it developed and evolved. This ensured the end result was fit for purpose and exactly what the Zoo required:

  • Custom fabricated steel enclosure framing

  • Specialist bird netting

  • Lockable swing gates to match the overall aesthetics of the enclosure

  •  Installation management

Up For The Challenge

The design of the enclosure meant the job was labour intensive and challenging, especially as the design continued to evolve to meet the needs of the Zoo.  The team at the Zoo leverage Hampden’s strength in fabrication and understand that its requirements are always a bit out of the box.  

“We appreciate there is no Zoo shop” says Carl Milner from the Zoo – recognising that there is always a bespoke element to what it needs.  And Hampden loves working with the Zoo as “out of the ordinary is what we do well”, says Kristian Baldwin – Hampden’s General Manager.

A Proud Partner Of Choice For Auckland Zoo

Hampden has enjoyed working with the team at Auckland Zoo for many years now and has been involved in some of its most high profile enclosures including Tiger Territory, Pride Lands, and the Orangutan enclosure. Hampden works closely to ensure the unique requirements of each project are understood, and recognises the need to ensure all projects are completed on time due to the exotic species of animals involved.